We're glad you are here!  Thank you for taking a moment out of your day to learn more about Activus Connect.  We are always looking for great talent to join our team.  We can't wait to meet you!

Elevating Your Experience 

Activus Connect is a global leader in Customer Care, outsourced solutions and our success is a result of the amazing Customer Experience Ambassadors that form part of our team. Our Ambassadors work from the comfort of their remote-based offices, across the US including Puerto Rico. 

At Activus Connect, our team works full time, part-time and flex shifts. We provide access to a full suite of benefits including paid time off, medical and life insurance, 401k, access to earned daily pay and many other perks. 

We are all about amazing experiences that start with having a world-class entourage of people (hint: that’s possibly you!)  We truly understand that the best customer experiences start by having the best, brightest, and most experienced Ambassadors and this caliber of expert expects more and delivers more. 

Beyond Passionate, A Purpose Driven Company Creating Opportunities & Serving Our Communities 

We are in relentless pursuit of creating environments that foster heartfelt experiences, treating people with respect and compassion, and doing right above all else, without exception. A people company driven to consistently enable the best outcomes, using the best tools with the people we serve. 

At Activus Connect, we are committed to serving the communities we work in, supporting local causes, while also contributing to national and international non-profit organizations. To that end, we pledge the first 10% of profits to these causes! 

We are currently unable to hire outside of the US, Canada, or Puerto Rico.

To complete your application you will need to take a screenshot (saved as PNG or JPEG) of the following two items so that you can upload them in your application:

1)  Please complete a computer speed test using this link (This MUST be taken from a hard-wired computer system that you will use for your employment at Activus Connect - do not take from your cell phone!):  Activus Connect Speedtest  (save the URL/link - you'll need that for the application)
2)  Please locate your computer specifications and take a screenshot.  If you need assistance, there are numerous videos and "how-to" documents online.  Simply search for how to find computer specs for the version of Windows/Mac you are running.  


Open Positions
Job Title Location Type
Customer Service Ambassador 2023 Virtual/Remote Full time
Financial Analyst Virtual/Remote Full time
Remote Time Off Requests Specialist Virtual/Remote Full time
Temporary Emergency Support Representative Virtual/Remote Full time

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