A Different Kind of Company

Activus Connect is about action -intelligencevirtualization and -"us" -a culture that is truly a community of individuals who love helping others. It all starts with our Ambassadors earning a living wage which in turn allows them to focus on providing the absolute best service to our clients, and their customers!  We help create personal balance, a return to the days when organizations knew their people, invested in them and understood how to provide fairness & flexibility.

At Activus Connect, we are committed to serving the communities we work in, supporting local causes, while also contributing to national and international non-profit organizations. To that end, we pledge the first 10% of profits to these causes!

Beyond Passionate, A Purpose Driven Company Creating Opportunities & Serving Our Communities 

Activus Connect is a certified women and minority owned (WBE/MBE) business, whose leaders have built the model based upon decades of experience in providing world class customer care to our partners.  Activus Connect attracts the most creative, motivated, energetic and talented people in the industry –people who understand that every conversation can make a difference in each customer’s life.

To complete your application you will need to take a screenshot (saved as PNG or JPEG) of the following two items so that you can upload them in your application:
1)  Please complete a computer speed test using this link:  Activus Connect Speedtest
2)  Please locate your computer specifications and take a screenshot.  If you need assistance, there are numerous videos and "how to" documents online.  Simply search how to find computer specs for the version of Windows you are running.

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