The Nanny Poppins Agency is a full-service nationwide nanny, domestic and estate staffing agency. Our agency offers domestic staffing professionals the opportunity to begin or continue an extremely satisfying career. We are always seeking new talent and accepting applications.

Our current job openings are listed below. We invite you to check back regularly as our positions will continue to evolve and change. We encourage you to fill an application or upload your resume so that we have it on file when the right opportunity presents itself. We are a very busy agency and look forward to working with you.

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Domestic Staff

Full-Time Adult Caregiver/LNA ($25/hour) (Lebanon, NH; Norwhich, VT)

Full-Time Live-In or Live-Out Professional Housekeeper ($30-$35/hour) (Seabrook, NH)

Full-Time Professional Caregiver ($25/hour) (Norwhich, VT)

Part-Time Housekeeper/Household Manager ($30/hour) (Bethesda, MD)

Part-Time Housekeeper/Personal Assistant Needed ($23-25/hr) (Saratoga Springs, NY)

Part-Time or Full-Time Household Manager ($23-$28/hour) (Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA)

Private Chef Needed ($35-$40/hour) (New York, NY)


After School Nanny ($23-$25/hour) (Myrtle Beach, SC)

After School Nanny Needed ($23-$26/hour) (Weston, MA)

Experienced Full-Time Nanny ($30-$35/hour) (Coral Gables, FL)

Full-Time Infant Nanny Needed ($23-28/hr) (Wayland, MA)

Full-Time Live-In Household Manager/Nanny ($60,000-$70,000/year) (Wellesley, MA)

Full-Time Live-In or Live-Out Nanny/Housekeeper Needed ASAP ($23-25/hr) (Gloversville, NY)

Full-Time Live-Out Household Manager/Nanny ($60,000-$70,000/year) (Wellesley, MA)

Full-Time Live-Out Housekeeper/Nanny ($23-$25/hour) (Ocean Ridge, FL)

Full-Time Live-Out Nanny ($18-$25/hour) (Hollis, NH)

Full-Time Live-Out Nanny ($20/hour) (Arlington, TN)

Full-Time Live-Out Nanny ($21-$23/hour) (Derry, NH)

Full-Time Live-Out Nanny ($22-$25/hour) (Ipswich, MA)

Full-Time Live-Out Nanny ($23-$26/hour) (Weston, MA)

Full-Time Live-Out Nanny ($23-$30/hour) (Darien, CT)

Full-Time Live-Out Nanny ($25-$27/hour) (Vienna, WV)

Full-Time Live-Out Nanny ($25/hour) (Birmingham, AL)

Full-Time Live-Out Nanny ($30-$35/hour) (New York, NY)

Full-Time Live-Out Nanny ($30-$35/hour) (March 2022 Start Date) (Boston, MA)

Full-Time Live-Out Nanny ($900-$1,100/week) (Boston, MA)

Full-Time Live-Out Nanny($20-$27/hour) (Boxford, MA)

Full-Time Live-Out Nanny/Household Manager ($23-$25/hour) (Hollis, NH)

Full-Time Live-Out Nanny/Household Manager ($30-$35/hour) (North Reading, MA)

Full-Time Live-Out, Hebrew-Speaking Professional Nanny Needed ($30-$35/hour) (New York, NY)

Full-Time Nanny ($14-$18/hour) (Lake Charles, LA)

Full-Time Nanny ($15-$22/hour) (Orlando, FL)

Full-Time Nanny ($25-$27/hour) (Cambridge, MA)

Full-Time Nanny Needed ASAP ($21-23/hr) (Brooklyn, NY)

Full-Time Nanny Needed ASAP ($21-25/hr) (Ridgway, CO)

Full-Time Nanny Needed, starting October ($25/hr) (Weehawken, NJ)

Full-Time Nanny/Family Assistant (Windham, NH)

Full-Time Nanny/Household Manager ($20-$22/hour) (Savannah, GA)

Full-time Live-Out Nanny/Household Manager ($25/hour) (West Roxbury, MA)

Full-time Live-out Nanny ($22-$28/hour) (Hilton Head, SC)

Live-In, Full-Time Nanny Needed ASAP ($20/hr) (Rutland, VT)

Part-Time After-School Nanny ($20-$25/hour) (New Haven, CT)

Part-Time Family Assistant ($23-$25/hour) (Medford, NJ)

Part-Time Live-In or Live-Out Household Manager/Nanny ($25-$30/hour) (Milton, MA)

Part-Time Nanny ($14-$18/hour) (Lake Charles, LA)

Part-Time Nanny ($23-$25/hour) (Hollis, NH)

Part-Time Nanny ($25-$27/hour) (Newton, MA)

Part-Time Nanny ($25-$30/hour) (Newton, MA)

Part-Time Nanny ($25-$30/hour) (Mansfield, MA)

Part-Time Nanny ($25-$30/hour) (Wilbraham, MA)

Part-Time Nanny ($25/hour) (Darien, CT)

Part-Time Nanny ($27-$32/hour) (Concord, MA)

Part-Time Nanny ($30-$35/hour) (Chestnut Hill, MA)

Part-Time Nanny ($30-$35/hour) (Chestnut Hill, MA)

Part-Time Nanny (Afternoons) ($20-$25/hour) (Andover, MA)

Part-Time Nanny (up to $30/hour) (Philadelphia, PA)

Part-Time Nanny/Housekeeper ($23-$25/hour) (Salt Lake City, UT)

Part-time Nanny/Mother's Helper Needed ($25-30/hr) (Weston, MA)


Full-Time SDR Account Executive Needed Asap ($50,000-$70,000/year) (Chicago, IL)

Holiday Lighting Installers Needed ($25-$33/hour) (September-February) (Bedford, NH; Boston, MA; Derry, NH; Manchester, NH; Nashua, NH; New Boston, NH; Pelham, NH; Portsmouth, NH; Salem, NH; Windham, NH)

Holiday Lighting Installer - Crew Leader

Office Assistant (Windham, NH)

Retail - Sales Floor Manager (Manchester, NH)

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