Due to COVID-19 we have currently reduced class sizes, which can be changed at any time based on Public Health and Community Care Licensing guidelines.  We follow COVID-19 Early Childhood Education center's Public Health Guidelines to ensure the health and safety of staff, families, and children.  PPE equipment is available, social distancing is enforced, daily health checks are conducted for children, training on COVID-19 Guidelines is provided, agency COVID-19 Guidelines are also enforced and monitored by management. The health and safety of the children and staff members is our highest priority. 
Job Title Division Type
Assistant Teacher Enrichment Program - EL Part-time
Assistant Teacher Surround Care Part-time
Assistant Teacher Full-Day Preschool Full-time
Assistant Teacher State Preschool Part-time
Assistant Teacher Substitute / Office Assistant Surround Care Part-time
Associate Teacher Head Start (Pasadena) Full-time
Associate Teacher Full-Day Preschool Full-time
Associate Teacher Head Start (S. El Monte) Part-time
Associate Teacher ( Part-Time ) State Preschool Part-time
Associate Teacher (Elementary) Enrichment Program Part-time
Business Systems Analyst Corporate Full-time
Custodial Carpet and Floor Technician Corporate Full-time
Family & Health Resource Specialist Full-Day Preschool Full-time
Family Service Specialist Head Start (S. El Monte) Full-time
Family Service Specialist Head Start (Pasadena) Full-time
Family Service Specialist Early Head Start Full-time
Health Coordinator Early Head Start Full-time
Infant/Toddler Care Teacher Early Head Start Full-time
Lead Teacher (Elementary - Large) Enrichment Program Part-time
Lead Teacher (Middle- S) Enrichment Program Part-time
Maintenance Tech Corporate Full-time
Parent Classroom Assistant Head Start (S. El Monte) Part-time
Parent Classroom Assistant Head Start (Pasadena) Part-time
Parent Educator (Home Visitor) Head Start (S. El Monte) Full-time
Parent Specialist Child Care Services Full-time
Project Specialist Corporate Full-time
Quality Career Coach Child Care Services Full-time
Site Director/Teacher (R-Title V) Surround Care Full-time
Site Director/Teacher (R-Title V) Enrichment Program - EL Full-time
Teacher Head Start (S. El Monte) Full-time
Teacher Head Start (Pasadena) Full-time
Teacher State Preschool Part-time
Teacher Substitute/ Office Assistant Surround Care Full-time

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