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At Red Mountain, we do things in a very different way than any other company. From the consumer’s perspective, we have a unique collection of services, products, and programs offered in a setting unlike any other. From the employee’s perspective, we have a workplace culture that is unmatched in our industry. We call this the Red Mountain Way.

It’s the way we help our patients achieve their weight loss goals. 
It’s the way we create a supportive and nurturing environment. 
It’s the way we treat both our co-workers and our customers alike.

Simply put, it’s the way we do things here at Red Mountain. We have very high standards by which we treat our co-workers and our customers. The Red Mountain Way defines our practice, the experience our patients can expect from us, the standards by which our staff perform, and the workplace culture we expect all our co-workers to create for each other. The Red Mountain Way is the standard by which we measure ourselves, it’s the essence of our brand, and it is what differentiates us from any other weight-loss organization.


Respect for People – We treat people like we want to be treated... with kindness and respect. People losing weight need encouragement, not judgment or scolding.
Medically Proven – Our wide variety of programs are medically proven to help patients lose weight safely – without surgery. We are a licensed medical practice with a highly trained and credentialed clinical team.
Weight Loss is our Specialty – At Red Mountain, our patients’ weight loss programs are under the care of Board-Certified Bariatric Physicians, with plans individualized to each patient’s specific health history, goals, and lifestyle needs.
Luxurious setting – Spa-like environment with 5-Star customer service from a staff dedicated to supporting our patients in achieving their weight loss goals and enhancing their appearance with the most advanced non-surgical facial and body contouring treatments.

To view our open positions and submit an application, please visit our new job board.

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