Our employees are what make Summit special and are the foundation of our company. Providing leadership and opportunities are key to delivering quality products and services, as well as to the successful future of our company.


Our jobs are local. As a fully integrated company, we offer positions from trucking to paving to plant operator and other skilled roles. Your job, your career, your choice. 


American Materials Company

Equipment Operator (Mt. Croghan, SC)

Equipment Operator, Quarry (Linden, NC)

Equipment Operator, Quarry (Gaston, SC)

Equipment Operator, Quarry (West Columbia, SC)

Maintenance Technician (Cottageville, SC)

Truck Driver, CDL (Mt. Croghan, SC)

Truck Driver, CDL* (Ivanhoe, NC)

Truck Driver, CDL* (West Columbia, SC)

Truck Shop Mechanic* (Ivanhoe, NC; Rose Hill, NC; Sumter, SC)


Mobile Equipment Mechanic (Blue Ridge, VA)

Georgia Stone Products

Equipment Operator (Carnesville, GA)

Maintenance Technician (Jefferson, SC)

Maintenance Technician (Elberton, GA)

Mobile Equipment Mechanic (Jefferson, SC)

Mobile Equipment Mechanic (Jefferson, GA)

Summit Materials

Center of Excellence (COE) - Project Manager (Salt Lake City, UT; Monahan, TX; Austin, TX; Florence, TX; Houston, TX)

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KEY summit materials FACTS
  • 6000+ employees
  • 70+ acquisitions since 2009
  • 400+ locations in 23 states & one Canadian Province

SUMMIT MATERIALS’ mission, vision, & values
  • Mission: To provide the foundation to connect its communities today & build a better tomorrow.
  • Vision: To be the most socially responsible, integrated construction materials solution provider, collaborating with stakeholders to deliver differentiated innovations & solve its customers’ challenges.
  • Values:
    • Safety: Summit Materials is committed to keeping its employees, customers, & communities safe in all that it does.
    • Integrity: Summit Materials builds trust by doing what’s right & remaining accountable, even when no one is watching.
    • Sustainability: Summit Materials answers to the impact of its actions & seeks out opportunities to develop innovative practices & solutions.
    • Inclusivity: Summit Materials acts intentionally to bring together its local communities & drive equity for all stakeholders.