Tesla Government Inc. is a rapidly growing company focused on prototyping, developing, and field-testing systems designed to meet the unique needs of Federal Government agencies. We have done groundbreaking work in the area of information sharing.

Tesla operates an information sharing platform used extensively by the DoD, civilian agencies, and their partner organizations operating in conflict and crisis regions. The service includes workflows and KM expertise provided remotely by our staff. Tesla is the prime contractor for this effort.

Tesla has also developed an organizational workflow product called Wazi. Wazi enables greater transparency, accountability, and collaboration and facilitates group decision making for offices working in a hierarchal structure or in ad hoc entities, such as committees and working groups. Wazi allows collections of individuals to dynamically create, maintain, and display their organizational structure and to efficiently manage the official communications and filing of the groups within that structure.


Lead Data Science Librarian (Falls Church, VA)

Lead Software Engineer (Falls Church, VA)

Lead System Engineer (Falls Church, VA)

Operations & Sustainment Lead (Falls Church, VA)

Program Manager (Falls Church, VA)

Research Specialist - Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Central Asia (Falls Church, VA)

Research Specialist - Africa (Falls Church, VA)

Research Specialist - Iran (Falls Church, VA)

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