Rescue Equipment Technician (RET) and Rescuer Midwest

The responsibilities for the position include:
  • Completing the following activities for confined space and fresh air rescue operations:
    • Performing entrant job activities
      • In horizontal spaces
      • In vertical spaces
      • In elevated spaces
  • Completing confined space and vertical technical rescue activities involving the following:
    • Assessing the patient medically
    • Packaging the victim
    • Removing the victim from the space
    • Establishing a rally point
    • Delivering the victim to the rally point

The physical requirements for the position include:
  • Must be able to climb a 50 foot fixed straight ladder
  • Must be able to climb a 30 foot portable extension ladder
  • Must be able to lift 100 pounds to waist level
  • Must be able to stoop, knee, crawl, and crouch with 40 pounds on back
  • Must be able to drag the 165 pound manikin 10 feet
  • Must be able to meet all 29 CFR 1910.134 criteria for wearing an APR respirator and IDLH respirator (SAR and SCBA)

The responsibilities for the RET and instructor position include:
  • Working directly under the supervision of the Midwest Operations Manager (MOM) to fulfil rescue and instruction operations in the Chicago area
  • Providing both QLFT and QNFT services for customers and Midwest rescuers
  • Providing drug testing for Midwest rescuers
  • Responsible for maintaining a goal of 50% billable (on a weekly basis)
  • Responsible for rescue and training trailer movement, along with training equipment movement as directed by the MOM
  • Responsible for MSA monitor repairs as directed by the MOM (after successfully completing MSA repair technician training and certification)
  • Responsible for facilities maintenance as directed by the MOM
  • Responsible for vehicle maintenance as directed by the MOM
  • Responsible for maintaining existing client relationships

The requirements for the position include:
  • Recommended knowledge of OSHA and ANSI standards (with a minimum completion of an OSHA 10 program)
  • Recommended knowledge of technical rescue techniques
  • Recommended rescue certifications:
    • Confined Space Rescue Technician
    • High Angle Rescue Technician or Rope Access (Sprat 3 level)
  • Solid verbal and written communication skills
  • High level of physical fitness

This is a full time position

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