Laboratory/Radiology Technician, Full Time
Responsibilities include but not limited to: running quality control, performing routine venipuncture, finger sticks, heel sticks, collecting throat and nasal swabs, processing send out samples, operating and understanding moderate complex laboratory equipment and waived kit testing, documenting patient lab results, cleaning and stocking laboratory supplies, performing drug screens and breath alcohol testing, take x-rays, train new hires and complete all Quality Assurance programs. Previous phlebotomy experience desired, radiology experience preferred.  High school diploma or GED required, MLT/MLS preferred. Laboratory and/or Radiology certified/specific qualified candidates will be cross-trained in applicable duties.
Must be able to work in a fast paced environment. Must be able to work evenings, weekdays and some holidays. The ideal candidate will possess strong clinical knowledge, excellent communication skills, and high levels of commitment to efficiency, service, and maintaining and increasing patient volumes.

Department: Urgent Care
This is a full time position

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