1. Registers guests into the hotel upon arrival following prescribed check in procedures, insuring proper registration procedures are maintained.
  2. Performs cashiering functions for guests during their stay and at check out.
  3. Is accountable for accuracy of all cash and credit transactions performed during their shift.  Is responsible for reconciling accounts and cashing out at close of shift.  Is personally responsible for security of assigned cash band at all times.
  4. Checks guest out of hotel upon departure accurately following prescribed check out procedures.
  5. Maintains an alpha order file of arriving guest registration cards.
  6. Maintains an in-house/guest registration card file (the bucket) with guests correctly filed under the designated room number.
  7. Conducts a daily guest registration verification process (the bucket check)
  8. Addresses guests by name at every opportunity.
  9. Must understand and implement the reservation process for both social and group guests and be conversant with the reservation system, as well as the entire property management system.
  10. Must know all aspects of the hotel: i.e. guest room types, sizes, locations, views, rates, other room attributes, available packages, as well as sales information like meeting room names and information.
  11. Maintain a clean and orderly work area.  Insures that necessary supplies are available before beginning work.
  12. Must at all times be friendly and courteous to guests, management and fellow employees.
  13. Must pass on information necessary to the next shift and receive information from the prior shift to follow through with work to be done.
  14. In the morning, to prepare for the day, expected arrivals must be audited, grouped, pre-blocked when necessary, pre-registered when possible (when the hotel status allows this to be accomplished), and in a way that maximizes other departments labor (such as grouping as many reservations in proximity to one another leaving other buildings unoccupied so to maintain an efficient and organized property)
  15. Print necessary reports and distribute to the appropriate departments.
  16. Monitor guest check outs who have not left by check out time, review and resolve, discrepancies, and communicate with housekeeping constantly.
  17. Choose vacant turndown rooms for possible walk-ins at night.
  18. Must work well under pressure.
  19. Must be knowledgeable of technology, and competent in understanding different systems necessary for the job.
  1. Follow all fire and safety procedures and regulations as outlined in the employee handbook. 
  2. Must conduct self in a professional manner at all times and adhere to the employee handbook grooming policies.
  3. Awareness and effort in bringing together a team mentality in all respects.
  4. Awareness of our desire to be the greenest hotel on the planet, awareness and motivation towards being ecologically sensitive, and awareness of the complexity in being green, with a total dedication to being so.
  5. Remains focused, alert, and attentive at all times on the job, restricting use of any cell phone, PDA, digital music device, or other device that limits focus.

  1. High School diploma or equivalent acceptable experience
  2. Must be a naturally enthusiastic, centered, and organized person to manage the diverse multi-tasking responsible for this position.
  3. Must possess excellent communication skills with a pleasant personality and ability to make frequent eye contact.
  4. Ability to write, read, count, and file alphabetically and numerically with precision.
  5. Ability to stand for lengthy periods of time, with a half hour meal break, and 2 10 minute breaks
  6. Must be able to see, hear, and speak clearly and maintain proper etiquette.


About Our Benefits

Here are some of the benefits available to qualifying employees:

  • Generous Paid Time Off program
  • Health Insurance
  • Company-matching 401k Retirement Option
  • Job training
  • Promotion from within
  • Employee discounts on dining and hotel stays
  • Free parking

About Cavallo Point

Cavallo Point is a San Francisco Bay area luxury lodge in one of America's most popular national parks. It's one of the most romantic destinations in the area and a great springboard for Northern California adventures. In addition to being a member of Historic Hotels of America, this San Francisco luxury resort was named one of the "Top 10 New American Landmarks" by Travel+Leisure and also received LEED Gold Certification for its environmentally sustainable design and construction.

Set in an idyllic location on the San Francisco Bay at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge, Cavallo Point offers unique historic and contemporary lodging options. The award winning Healing Arts Center & Spa offers innovative spa treatments in a serene, tranquil setting. Filled with natural light and top-of-the line culinary equipment, the Cavallo Point Cooking School is an intimate place to taste, create and learn. Murray Circle Restaurant is one of Northern California's top culinary destinations.

Pay rate is $26.46 per hour plus commisions

This is a non-management position
This is a full time position
Pay Scale: $26.46/hour plus commissions

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