ExpoDisplays and method-1 Interiors create some of the most innovative and award winning trade show exhibits, museums and commercial interiors in the country. Our unique vertically integrated process allows us to design, build and stage the entire project in our 130,000 square foot facility prior to delivering the components to the site for final assembly and installation.


We currently have an opening for a Lead Exhibit Carpenter. Following are the requirements you should meet to be considered for this position:


Tool Skills:

  • Table saw / Miter saw

    • Knowledge of proper blade use for cutting a variety of materials

    • Ability to perform all functions of saw resulting in extremely accurate cuts

    • Willingness to train others in proper use

  • Hand held routers

    • Knowledge of all router bits used for a variety of functions

    • Ability to create custom templates in order to achieve unique parts

    • Willingness to train others in proper use

  • Extensive knowledge and willingness to use a wide variety of shop tools including but not limited to drill press, shaper, planer, wide belt sander, band saw, paint spray equipment,  etc.

  • Proficient in the use of all woodworking hand tools

    • Jigsaw

    • Drill

    • Belt sander

    • Circular saw

    • Nail guns



  • Ability to read and comprehend complex shop drawings

  • Working knowledge of all substrates used in the manufacturing of trade shows and interiors

    • Plywood

    • MDF

    • Laminate

    • Veneer

    • Aluminum extrusions

    • Fabric

    • Plastic sheet goods

  • Must be able to work with detailers to verify accuracy of drawings before sending to CNC

  • Willingness to do a complete take off from drawings without supervision

  • Capable of creating hand sketches of components in order to do material take offs

  • Able to adjust drawings on-the-fly in order to maximize efficiency


Building skills:

  • Demonstrates advanced skills required to carry complex projects from start to finish

    • Able to assemble custom milled parts as well as CNC parts with no supervision in the allotted time frame

    • Well versed in preparing for the laminating process

    • Exhibits the highest level of skill in laminating

      • All grades and finishes including standard grade, vertical grade, color core, metals, veneers, with and without phenolic backer

      • Radiused elements

      • Seaming

      • Inlays

      • Compound angles

      • Edgebanding

      • Spray and roll on glue applications

    • Adept with all phases of the finish process relating to the paint booth

      • Prep work for finishing

      • Staining

      • Finishes including lacquer, enamel, latex, polyurethane, textured, etc.

    • Possesses the mechanical skills to determine what type of hardware is required for any unique applications

  • Willing to be the Lead on installations of varying levels of complexity

    • Able to travel for extended periods of time

    • Demonstrates leadership skills in order to effectively manage skilled as well as unskilled labor

    • Familiar with all on site install techniques to ensure acceptable fit and finish

      • Scribing

      • Leveling

      • Electrical

      • Trim

      • Lighting

      • Graphic applications

      • A/V hook up

    • Participate in Client walk-throughs and execute detailed punch lists in a timely fashion

  • Be available for pre and post production meetings and to discuss opportunities for improving on any aspect of future projects



  • Demonstrates the ability to effectively manage several people with varying levels of experience

  • Possesses the organizational skills to break down large, complex jobs into smaller, manageable tasks

  • Works well with Project Managers, Detailers and Senior Management



  • Must have valid driver’s license

  • Must pass a pre-employment drug screen test

  • Must be able to work 6:00am-3:00pm Monday-Friday


Additional Desired Skills:

  • Working knowledge of fabrication techniques using acrylics

  • Ability to weld steel and aluminum

  • Detailed knowledge of extruded aluminum exhibit systems

    • Octanorm

    • Agam

    • Modul

  • Solid Surface materials

    • Corian

    • Fountainhead

    • Formica

    • Wilsonart


If you are interested in joining our team please fill out our online Application Form and make sure to include your contact information. WE CAN NOT CALL YOU BACK FOR AN INTERVIEW IF YOU DO NOT GIVE US YOUR PHONE NUMBER!

Department: Production
This is a non-management position

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