STATUS:                                            Permanent/Full-Time/Exempt, 40 hrs per week
DEPARTMENT:                                 Realty/Planning
REPORTS TO:                                    Vice-Chair
SALARY RANGE:                              $35.00 per hour DOE
Closes:                                              Open until filled

  • The Planning Director shall be appointed by and except as specified by written contract, serve at the pleasure of Tribal Council. The Planning Director shall report to and be under the direct supervision and control of the Executive Committee, Chairman of the Tribal Council, or the Tribal Administrator in that order. The Planning Office is located in the Realty-Planning Department and is directly supervised by the Vice-Chairman.
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Respond to public inquires received by phone or personal contact on matters pertaining to planning zoning and the requirement for project development.
  • Apply and enforce the Tribe’s Zoning and Land Use Ordinance’
  • Assist the Tribes’ Building Inspector in enforcing the Tribe’s Uniform Building Code and Zoning and Land Use Ordinance and recognize and resolve Code violations in the field;
  • Process current development application, and evaluate plans and projects for Tribal Code compliance and design considerations;
  • Prepare planning reports and develop agenda material for Planning Commission and Tribal Council meetings;
  • Work with the Tribal Environmental Department to prepare basic environmental documents pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act and the environmental requirements of the Tribe’s Tribal-State Gaming Compact;
  • Collect and record land use data, and prepare base amps, zoning maps, charts and graphs;
  • Develop, with the assistance of the Tribal Attorney, and implement systems and procedures to ensure the proper processing of permit applications and the issuance of use permits, variances, zoning changes and site plans reviews;
  • Perform field work and site visits to fully comprehend, analyze, and documents development proposals;
  • Make oral presentations to the Planning Commission and Tribal Council on routine basis regarding planning maters and projects;
  • Coordinate with other Tribal department and other governmental agencies as required on planning issues and projects; and
  • Perform such other duties that are delegated to the Planning Director by the Tribal Council, Executive Committee, Chairman or Tribal Administrator.  The Planning Director shall not in the performance of his or her duties engage in any negotiations of any kind with any person, organization or entity that is or intends to submit a development proposal to finance, design, construct or operate any project on the Reservation or involving the Tribe
Qualifications Required: (Administrative Code: CH.3.13 040)
  • A Bachelor's Degree with major course work in planning, public administration, or closely related experience in an appropriate field.
  • At least one (1) year of professional planning experience with a governmental agency.
  • Knowledge of (a) principles and practices of local government planning; (b) applicable federal, state, or tribal laws affecting planning including but not limited to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and (c) the functions of other government agencies involved in the planning process.
  • Apply and Enforce the Tribe’s Zoning and Land Use Ordinance.
  • Process and review plans and development applications for compliance with Tribal Code and design considerations.
  • Develop and implement systems with the assistance of the Tribal Attorney to ensure the proper processing of permit applications, use permits, variances, zoning changes and site plan review.
  • Perform such other duties as assigned by Tribal Council, Executive Committee, Chairman or Administrator.
  • In addition to the above the Planning Director should be capable of the following:
  • Able to speak and write well. Position requires prepared written and oral reports, and project budget papers for Tribal Council, Department Heads, and Federal/ State agencies.
  • Experience with MS- WORD Document and EXCEL. Spreadsheet. Programs. Experiences with Adobe PDF. Editor Software is desired.
  • Has basic understanding of blueprints, contracts, building codes, and survey techniques and terminology.
  • Has basic knowledge of infrastructure construction to include water/wastewater systems, electrical service systems and road/ street construction.
  • Basic understanding of easement and Rights of Way as pertaining to planning of new development areas or upgrades to existing areas.
  • Has knowledge of Federal Grant/Loans requirements for eligibility, expenditures and application towards planning and project execution
Other Requirements:
  • Pre-Employment Drug Screening
  • Comply with Drug Free Workplace Policy
  • Background check
  • Good work ethic (attendance, promptness, respect for chain of command).

This is a full time position

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