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IFF improves the world by strengthening nonprofits and the communities they serve. As a mission-driven lender, real estate consultant, and developer, IFF helps communities thrive by creating opportunities for low-income communities and persons with disabilities. Key to our success has been a deep sense of purpose, a broad perspective, and a relentless focus on achieving positive results. Across the Midwest, we help clients from every sector, including human service agencies, health centers, schools, affordable housing developers, and grocery stores. Staff contributes its extensive business experience with an unrivaled connection to the mission of IFF and the nonprofit clients it serves.

IFF is looking for candidates with a commitment to the work we do and can demonstrate their creativity, diligence, enthusiasm, growth-mindset, thoughtfulness, and passion to make meaningful change in the areas of economic and racial justice.

Over 100 professionals work from our Chicago headquarters, and we also serve the Midwest from six regional offices: Indianapolis, IN; Detroit, MI; Kansas City, MO; St. Louis, MO; Columbus, OH; and Milwaukee, WI.

Basic Job Function

Based in the Kansas City, Missouri office, the Owner’s Representative (OR) manages facility design and construction phases on behalf of our nonprofit clients for their renovation and new construction projects.  work associated with the construction and building analysis of RES projects.  The Owner’s Representative participates in projects led by other RES staff, as well as directly coordinates and manages several small- to large-sized projects and Project Teams simultaneously under the supervision of the Director of Real Estate Solutions, and in close connection with the Director of Consulting for Design and Construction..

This includes conducting site visits and analyses on potential buildings for clients, conducting facilities assessments and providing analyses of facilities, taking a lead role in managing the design process on construction projects, managing all aspects of construction projects, project accounting and reporting, and managing client relationships during the construction phase of projects.  The Owner’s Representative works on many real estate projects simultaneously, participates in departmental planning meetings for projects, is an active Project Team Member on projects, and supports the work of the Senior Vice President and other RES staff as necessary to further IFF’s mission in the Southern Region market . 

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Conducts site visits of buildings for potential lease or purchase by clients, assesses buildings and their systems for suitability for client’s intended purpose, and provides analyses of such buildings for Project Team Leaders.
  2. Conducts facilities assessments of clients’ existing facilities according to the policies and procedures of the RES Department, assesses facilities’ major systems, layout, structure and suitability for program purposes, analyzes data collected through facilities assessments, and provides written and visual recommendations for modifications or improvements to Project Team Leaders. 
  3. Coordinates services of architects and engineers and other professionals in connection with the design phase of projects.  Ensures that such professionals are providing services according to the project criteria set, and the project schedule and budget.
  4. During the construction phase of assigned RES projects, coordinates all aspects of construction management ensuring that project goals and milestones are being met.
    1. Solicits bids from and secures various real estate professionals and vendors for work on projects.  Evaluates and makes recommendations on bids and negotiates terms of works and approves hiring of vendors.
    2.  Coordinates pre-construction work associated with projects including securing construction estimates and any other work necessitated by the project.
    3. Oversees securing permits for construction projects including meeting with government officials and addressing problems that arise to ensure permit is secured according to schedule.
    4. Assists with the negotiation of construction contracts and architectural contracts for construction projects.
    5. Reviews architectural plans, construction drawings and performance specifications for accuracy; identifies areas for costs savings and works with architects to produce plans that meet clients’ budgets.
    6. Manages relationships with contractor and architect during construction, attends construction meetings, reviews and keeps track of shop drawing submittals, reviews and approves change orders, and works toward resolving construction-related disputes that arise.
    7. Manages and tracks all construction-related accounting (including construction escrows) to ensure that project stays within budget
    8. Assesses the status of projects against their plan and schedule, identifies actual or potential problems, and facilitates and guides solutions to ensure that the projects are completed as planned.
    9. Keeps Director, Senior Vice President of Real Estate Solutions or Project Team Leader apprised of progress through regular updates or meetings and including them on important correspondence related to the project
  5. Assist Senior Project Manager to prepare development scenarios and cost estimates for clients.
  6. Assists other Project Team Leaders as a Project Team Member in a supporting capacity and carries out duties as assigned by the Project Team Leader. 
  7. Assists Senior Owner’s Representatives, Owner’s Representative Team Manager, Directors and Senior Vice President of Real Estate Solutions with the development and improvement of systems and procedures for project and team management within RES. 
  8. Makes presentations to and facilitates meetings with clients, represents IFF Real Estate Solutions at meetings, presentations and events, when requested by the Managing Director of RES and prepares written materials on projects for other IFF departments as needed.
  9. Manages construction or repair work associated with the IFF’s asset management portfolio as necessary, including visiting sites, assessing facilities, hiring vendors, and working on specific projects that arise related to IFF-owned buildings. 
  10. Participates in department knowledge sharing and training efforts by making presentations, conducting research, and assisting in technical committees in support of department performance goals.
  11. Advise clients, architects, and contractors on equitable procurement procedures in support of the economic and racial justice goals of the clients and IFF.
  12. Maintains required job knowledge and skills and core professional competencies.  Attends and participates in required educational programs and staff meetings.
  13. Performs other duties as assigned.

Performance Measures:
  1. Successful completion of assigned projects according to goals set for each project, the project budget and schedule, and the RES department’s policies and procedures.  Completed projects meet quality standards.
  2. Build and maintain effective working relationships with colleagues, architects, contractors and other professionals and obtains a high level of colleague satisfaction with respect to work performed
  3. Achieve and maintain the highest quality of work product and level of excellence for both internal and external clients.
  4. Internal and external meetings are facilitated in an organized way and are meaningful to the participants.  Outcomes of these meetings are analyzed and well presented.
  5. Continually seek to achieve efficiency and other improvements in all operations.
  6. Achieve and maintain a superior level of satisfaction and working relationship with all internal and external clients, partners and team members in the development and execution of contract and project efforts.
  7. Written reports are complete, accurate and clear and follow policies and procedures.
  8. Oral presentations are clear, well organized, comprehensive and persuasive.  Appropriate supporting material and visual aids are well utilized and enhance the presentation.
  9. Values and supports differences in others, contributing to an inclusive work environment.  Demonstrates the ability and willingness to communicate effectively with people of diverse backgrounds and experiences to create a collaborative, collegial, and caring community.
  10. In the role as Project Team Leader, Project Team Members are satisfied with how the project was organized and managed and the project’s outcomes; in the role as Project Team Member, Project Team Leaders are satisfied with work on the project.
  11. Cultivates a culture of openness in information sharing. Encourages open communication, cooperation, and the sharing of information.
  12. Models personal accountability that promotes ownership and engagement.
  13. High level satisfaction with both internal colleagues and external contacts.

Position Qualifications:

Education:  Bachelor’s Degree required, preferably in architecture, engineering, construction management or similar.  Advanced degree in real estate, architecture, construction management, or engineering preferred.

Previous Experience:  At least two years’ experience in architecture, engineering, construction management, facilities management, or real estate development required.

Special Knowledge & Skills:

  1. Direct experience with real estate development projects.
  2. Direct construction management experience.
  3. Analytical and strategic skills; ability to plan, manage, and implement multiple projects.
  4. Ability to plan and implement complex projects.
  5. Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of construction practices and terminology.
  6. Demonstrated ability to read and understand architectural plans and drawings.
  7. Demonstrated knowledge of a wide variety of construction materials, products and systems.
  8. Experience working with clients.
  9. Experience working with a team charged with implementing and completing multi-faceted projects.
  10. Ability to learn and use a wide variety of computer software related to project management, including word processing, data programs, spreadsheet and project management packages.
  11. Ability to work with a wide variety of people in Chicago neighborhoods, suburbs and throughout the state.
  12. Good communication (oral and written) and interpersonal skills.

Additional Requirements:  Travel is required. The Owner’s Representative may be required to work throughout Missouri, Kansas, and southern Illinois (Southern Region) and travel to any of the IFF Real Estate Solutions, 6 real estate offices to support the Real Estate Solutions staff working in those markets. The Owner’s Representative will visit abandoned buildings and vacant lots and inspect them fully, and inspect construction project sites.  Occasional evening and weekend work may be required.

Application Instructions:
Please visit our Careers section of our website to apply online.  Both a resume and cover letter are required.

IFF values equity, diversity and inclusion as part of its mission to strengthen nonprofits and the communities they serve.  IFF is an equal opportunity employer.

Department: Real Estate Solutions
This is a full time position

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