Primary function:
This position will be responsible for taking an assigned projects/tasks and following them through to completion. The primary focus will be new product release while supporting existing product.   This will require the individual to work with various departments and groups to develop a strategic plan to achieve the desired results. This person should be goal oriented and a self-starter with technical aptitude. They must also possess good computer and communication skills.    
  • This position will be responsible for specific reman product development to achieve CNHi Reman SBP
  • Key driver of production safety, quality and efficiency
  • Manage expense tracking and work orders for related accounts
  • Participate in and support Open Book Management
  • Assist and maintain adherence to project timelines
  • Work within budgets using a balance of creativity and capital

Essential Responsibilities:
  • Participate in Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) program (prepare new product lines for release to production, assist in the transfer of products for R&D to the production department) Comply with ISO Quality standards and requirements
  • Develop work instructions for reman products
  • Develop reports for management, customers and maintain accurate filing system for all product development records
  • Create item masters in ERP system (manage part number revisions and upgrades)
  • Study core units and analyze component wear to estimate extent of remanufacturing required
  • Create and structure Bills of Material (BOMs)
  • Set replacement percentages for new BOMs (determine scrap levels of remanufactured products, new product or process documentation)
  • Work with production department to determine labor times.  Work with sales department on quoting process
  • Work with Manufacturing Engineering regarding capital and tooling for product lines
  • Support the development of process flow charts, PFEMA’s, control plans, and work processes
  • Create build documentation (i.e. responsibility sheets, dock audit sheets, serial number log sheets, exploded views with part numbers, etc.)
  • Handle Process Change Requests (PCRs), Document Change Notices (DCNs), & BOM change requests
  • Work with Quality to obtain customer approval of PPAP.  Work closely with other departments to help solve issues
  • Interface with Material Control, Purchasing, Sales, Production, Accounting, and Suppliers to produce cost effective and manufacturable products.
  • Provides customer support in the form of drawing files, troubleshooting and application assistance as assigned.
  • Participate on project teams and on short term assignments.  Perform other duties assigned by the supervisor and Product Engineering Manager.
  • Participate in and support the principles of Open Book Management and recognize the responsibilities of being a part owner of the company.

Job specifications
  • Safety… Number one Priority.
  • Quality – Support the quality policy and ensure processes are being followed, trained employees, etc.
  • Cost – Participate in budget, capital, and daily financial tracking
  • Delivery – Focus of customer demand
  • Analytical Thinking: When faced with a situation, issue, problem they make multiple casual links between several potential causes of events, several consequences of action, or multiple-part chain of events. Analyzes relationships among several parts of a problem situation. (Anticipates obstacles and thinks ahead about next steps, in detail, with multiple steps)
  • Communication: Conveys facts and concepts in a clear and understandable way, both orally and written. Able to convey technical information in ways that non-technical people can understand and act on it. They are able to prepare business reports, letters, memos, etc. that present information and provide recommendations in a complete and cogent manner. They select the appropriate media (email, voice mail, face-to-face, letter, etc.) for the information being delivered and are comfortable making presentation on familiar subject matter in front of groups.
  • Customer Service Focus: Take personal responsibility for correcting customer-service problems and corrects problem promptly and in a positive manner.
  • Flexibility: The ability to adapt to and work effectively within a variety of situations, and with various individuals or groups. They apply rules flexibly by alters normal procedures to fit a specific situation to get a job done and/or meet company rules.
  • Good Judgment: They evaluate trade-offs by identifying several viable solutions and evaluates each by considering the implications (pros and cons). They set priorities and choose the course of action closest to a win-win-win solution.
  • Initiative: Acts up to 3 months ahead to identify a problem, obstacle, or opportunity and take action in light of this identification.
  • Results Orientation: Sets out to exceed established goals by monitoring their performance and making adjustments as needed to exceed expectations.
  • Teamwork and Co-operation: Works to build team commitment to promote good working relationships regardless of personal like or dislikes. They build good morale or cooperation within the team, including creating symbols of group identity or other actions to build cohesiveness and encourage or facilitate a beneficial resolution to conflict.

Requirements (including minimum education & years of experience):
  • BS in engineering related field preferred.  Five plus years’ experience with product engineering or related field required
  • Minimum GED or High School Diploma
  • Ability to develop/recommend appropriate assembly & testing processes for products to determine reliability, durability, and performance characteristic.  Ability to read, comprehend, and apply GD&T Prints for various product
  • Strong analytical skills/logic with the ability to put into action.  Strong trouble shooting/problem solving skills
  • Ability to use numerous hand tools, gauges, and product testing equipment, multiple computer programs, digital camera, copier, calculator, telephone, and fax machine.   Interaction with customers may require travel.  Overtime
  • Accuracy and attention to detail are a critical function of this position and to the success of the organization
  • Good oral and written communication skills in order to effectively communicate with internal and external customers 
  • Must wear all required personal protection equipment in designated areas.  Care necessary to avoid placing self and others in an unsafe environment.  Must be able to read MSDS sheet.  Ability to create, find, interpret, and apply Job Safety Analysis’ (JSA).  Walking, standing, stooping, bending, lifting, reaching.   Requiring hours of service that would average at least 30 hours of service per week
  • Conformance to requirements is important to succeeding operations. Will support the Quality Management System (QMS)
  • Experience in manufacturing setting with progressive and technical responsibilities

Travel Requirements:                                                  
            Expected % of Time:    10%

 Please feel free to apply to as many positions as you are interested in.

This is a full time position

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