Title:                     Director of Clinical Quality Assurance TPC90018
Status:                 Exempt

Agency Mission

The People Concern is a community-supported organization in which staff, volunteers, and clients work together with mutual respect to address the effects of poverty, abuse, neglect and discrimination.  The agency’s programs are designed to empower people to access the resources they need to ensure their survival, end their victimization, and improve their quality of life.  The People Concern provides a common ground for our diverse community to effect public policy and advocate for responsive human services.

Agency Programs and Services

The People Concern provides integrated, comprehensive services to those most in need of help. The People Concern clients include people dealing with severe mental illness, physical illness, disabilities or substance abuse; and women and children experiencing domestic violence.  The People Concern tailors services to the needs of each person to help them rebuild their lives.  Key services include housing, mental health care, medical care, domestic violence services, substance abuse treatment and assistance in obtaining income and wellness/life skills programs --- all aimed at improving the self-sufficiency of the individuals and families served.


Reporting to the Chief Compliance Officer, the Director of Clinical Quality Assurance is responsible for the following:
  • Ensure agency’s adherence to Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (LAC DMH) policy and procedures.
  • In coordination with the Chief Program Officer over Mental Health Programs, monitor the agency’s DMH contracts, funding streams, and spending. 
  • Coordinate with the Chief Program Officer over Mental Health Programs and Finance Department to create Negotiation Packages and other reports required by DMH
  • Provide training to clinical and non-clinical staff on LAC DMH documentation standards and quality assurance issues.
  • Work closely with the Chief Program Officer over Mental Health Programs, Program Directors and Managers to ensure adherence to policies and procedures as well as highest standards of care are being provided.
  • Administer the agency’s Electronic Health Record, Exym.
  • Oversee collection of clinical outcome data, charting procedures, and chart reviews.
  • Prepare for and represent agency during federal, state, county, and/or city audits.
  • Play an active role in the quality assurance and quality improvement process of agency grants that fund clinical services.
  • In collaboration with the Chief Compliance Officer, oversee HIPAA compliance agency-wide.
  • Supervise the Clinical Quality Assurance Team, which includes Clinical Quality Assurance Managers, Quality Assurance Specialist and Clinical Billing Department. 
  • Develop Quality Improvement projects for the agency

  1. Must hold a clinical license in the State of California and be in good standing with licensing board
  2. Clinical degree (Ph.D, Psy.D, MSW, or MFT) from an accredited program.
  3. Knowledge of and expertise in clinical quality assurance, clinical charting methods, and clinical best practices.
  4. Minimum of 3 years of experience managing a team
  5. Ability to work collaboratively as part of an interdisciplinary team.
  6. Expertise with Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health standards and systems
  7. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  8. Excellent data management skills.
  9. Expertise in areas of cognitive/behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy, evidence based clinical practices, substance abuse, and trauma.
  10. Knowledge of and experience with HIPAA and the Affordable Care Act. 
  1. Primarily indoor office environment
  2. Walk or drive to different local sites at least 25% of the time
  3. Regularly required to sit, stand, bend and occasionally lift or carry up to 35 pounds
  4. May necessitate working in busy and loud environments
  5. May be exposed to elements like cold, heat, dust, noise, and odor
  6. May need to bend, stoop, twist, and sit throughout the day
  1. Maintain a safe work environment and confidentiality at all times
  2. Be proactive, creative, and flexible in determining, evaluating, researching, and resolving issues
  3. Organize and prioritize multiple activities to meet all external and internal deadlines
  4. Maintain professional demeanor that reflects positively on the agency
  5. Demonstrate respect and courtesy toward others
  6. Able to thrive in a work environment emphasizing teamwork and collaboration
  7. Respond in a timely manner in all aspects of communication
  8. Work with minimum supervision
  9. Perform other duties as assigned


Department: Administration
This is a management position
This is a full time position

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