211Eastern Oklahoma is the single, comprehensive source for local health and social service information for the 37 counties of eastern Oklahoma. As the public face of 211EOK, the Director must be a collaborative leader, have an engaging, compelling presence, and be passionate about the role that 211EOK plays in providing safety-net services for the most vulnerable in our community. This position is responsible for the overall leadership of the 211EOK program, including development, and implementation of short and long-range plans and annual budgets.  Position is responsible for the management, evaluation, and reporting of direct services, implementation of internal controls to ensure program effectiveness, the recruitment and development of staff, and fostering strong relationships with nonprofit/governmental agencies and community groups. Must be organized, able to quickly adapt to ever-changing environments while remaining calm under pressure, highly computer literate, team-oriented, and motivated by a desire to help others achieve their best life.
While the Director is responsible for the overall 211EOK program, the Community Service Council has an exceptional team that works in tandem with the Director in the areas of Operations, Data and Analysis, Communications, Grant Writing, and 211EOK Team Management.  In collaboration with these key staff members, 211 Eastern Oklahoma Funders, partners, and key stakeholders, the Director:
  1. Leads the implementation of quality information & referral and closed-loop referral services and an accurate resource database.
  2. Utilizes data and trend analysis to ensure 211 Eastern Oklahoma remains adequately staffed for Information and Referral services, closed-loop referral services, and administrative support to the internal team and external partners.
  3. Leads the advancement of 211 Eastern Oklahoma’s closed-loop referral network through strategic partnerships, fundraising with state, local, and philanthropic partners, training and on boarding, network management, and serves as the primary contact for the technology partner, Unite Us.
  4. Develops new partnerships that support 211 Eastern Oklahoma and advances existing partnerships. 
  5. Works collaboratively with Community Service Council executive team to identify and submit for available grant opportunities that fit with the 211 Eastern Oklahoma mission.
  6. Leads the 211 Eastern Oklahoma team through emergency response at statewide and local levels across the 37 county coverage area.
  7. Serves as the community leader in closed-loop referral networks and is responsible for advancing the community network toward the shared goal of a statewide network.
  8. Grant and contract management that requires reporting to funding partners and monitoring allocations of expenses (in conjunction with Finance Department.)
  9. Stays abreast of all new regional and community programs and assures this information is included in the 211 Eastern Oklahoma database.
  10. Oversees the collection, analysis, and use of call data to identify emerging needs.
  11. Ensures 211 Eastern Oklahoma meets and exceeds the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems standards of excellence.
  12. Provides statistical reports and information to the Community Service Council Board, Alliance  of Information  and  Referral  Systems  (AIRS),  the  community,  state,  and  federal  entities, as necessary.
  13. Seeks out, researches, and pursues funding opportunities, including funding available from local, state, and federal agencies.
  14. Leads project management for all lines of business, including government contracts, community-based organizations collaborations, and the closed-loop referral network.
  15. Works collaboratively with 211 Eastern Oklahoma’s statewide partner, HeartLine, Inc. to align services to the greatest extent possible and maintain proper contracts for professional services.
Community Outreach & Education:
  1. Works with Director of Communications in developing 211 Eastern Oklahoma marketing and informational materials to ensure appropriate management of the program brand and coordination of a comprehensive marketing campaign.
  2. Works alongside Director of Strategic Operations and Communications to support implementation of a strategic communication campaign including push texting, social media, newsletters, and in-person stakeholder meetings to share relevant information about 211 Eastern Oklahoma operations, community data trends, and resources and seek feedback for continuous improvement.
  3. Attends community, regional and/or statewide meetings or events to provide information or make presentations on the role of 211 Eastern Oklahoma.
  4. Engages with the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS) to ensure that 211Eastern Oklahoma is implementing national best practices and operates with the highest standards.
  5. Works alongside Data Analyst to oversee and advance the Community Needs Dashboard, a public facing, interactive dashboard of community needs data.
Administrative support 
  1. Works with the Program manager to hire, train, supervise, evaluate, and terminate staff.
  2. Seeks out and provides staff with available training for ongoing professional development.
  3. Works with Director of Operations, Data Analyst, and Finance Department to submit invoices and supporting documentation for invoicing lines of business.
  4. Prepares and submits projected budgets to the CEO and CFO of the Community Service Council.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in related field preferred
  • Three – five years experience in nonprofit organization preferred
Community Service Council’s Culture Statement
We are a COMMUNITY of compassionate, extraordinary individuals, delivering exceptional, caring SERVICE to improve the lives of the populations we serve. We are bound by a singular desire to eliminate disparities and create equitable opportunities for all, valuing and respecting the unique roles each of us play in the fulfillment of our mission. As the COUNCIL, we stand united to bring hope to those who feel hopeless and help to those most in need, so that collectively, we are empowering lives across a stronger, healthier Oklahoma. Together, we are the COMMUNITY SERVICE COUNCIL.


This is a management position
This is a full time position

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