The Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) project has been established to design, build and eventually operate an Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) with a primary mirror diameter of 30 meters. ELT’s will be the successors of the present day 8-10 meter world class telescopes. When complete TMT will be the largest ground based optical/infrared telescope in the Northern Hemisphere providing the capability to study exciting astronomical problems from the nature of extra-solar planets to the first stars in the universe.    An international collaboration consisting of the University of California, the California Institute of Technology, Canada, Japan, India and China has been formed to deliver this exciting project.

The TMT project office is located in Monrovia, CA, USA. The design and build of the various telescope systems will be distributed amongst the TMT partner institutions, collaborators, industry, and the Project Office.

The M1 Control System Technical Project Manager (M1CS-TPM) will be a key member of the project team that is responsible for the successful delivery of this challenging project.  The TMT project is looking for individuals who are self-motivated team players and excited by the opportunity to work on a highly visible, world class, international project that will significantly advance our understanding of the universe. The successful candidate will have the vision, experience, and dedication to insure the successful delivery of the M1CS and will be proactive and innovative in his/her approach to meeting project goals within the constraints of schedule and budget.

Job Summary
The M1 Control System (M1CS) will control, with nano-meter precision, the position of the 492 hexagonal mirror segments of the TMT so as to form the equivalent of a 30 meter diameter monolithic mirror.   Each segment is controlled via three precision actuators and two precision sensors per intersegment edge.  In total the M1CS consists of 1476 actuators, 2772 sensors, thousands of electronic and cable assemblies, and real time control software.

The M1CS-TPM will oversee and monitor the work packages for the design and integration of the Primary Mirror Control System (M1CS).  The M1CS-TPM will work closely with the M1CS design teams, TMT Project Office staff, and TMT partners to develop a production-ready M1CS design and to ensure the successful delivery and integration of the M1CS at the telescope site. The successful M1CS-TPM candidate will have a working knowledge of precision control systems, experience of evolving engineering prototypes into production ready designs, and demonstrated ability to successfully lead and manage projects that are technically similar to the M1CS with budgets greater than $5M.
The primary work location for the M1CS-TPM will be the TMT Project office in Monrovia, California.   Some travel to TMT partner locations in India, Japan, and China may be necessary.  Travel to the observatory site will be necessary during the integration and commissioning phase of the project.

Job Duties

  • Oversee, monitor, and report on the technical and programmatic progress of the M1CS work packages in terms of performance, schedule, cost, risk, and earned value.`
  • Work with the M1CS design team, Project Office staff, and TMT partners to develop a production ready M1CS design.
  • Work closely with the Multi-Segment Integration and Test Facility (MSITF) team leader in an effort maximize the risk reduction capability of the MSITF
  • Develop and implement work package specifications and contracts, including statements of work, budgets, and schedules.
  • Develop and implement risk mitigation strategies, including the development and utilization of the MSITF.
  • Work with the M1CS design team and M1CS production team to insure the successful delivery of M1CS production components.
  • Work with TMT System Engineering to plan and coordinate M1CS design reviews and to insure the M1CS delivers the required performance in an efficient manner.
  • Oversee the integration and testing of the M1CS at the observatory site.
  • Support, as required, the design, development, delivery, and integration and testing of various Telescope Control systems.
  • Work closely with, and support, other TMT Project teams, groups and staff members.  

Required Qualifications and Skills
  • A Bachelor's degree in an engineering discipline.   
  • A minimum of ten years’ experience with a combination of engineering, manufacturing and/or product design, and project management responsibilities.
    • Demonstrated experience of successfully leading and delivering technically and programmatically complex projects with budgets greater than $5M.
    • Familiarity with the design and implementation of distributed, high performance, real-time motion control systems.
    • Experience in the development of production ready designs and documentation.
    • Experience with developing, executing and monitoring work packages, contracts, schedules, budgets, resource plans and implementing plans for risk mitigation.
  • Familiarity of classical and modern control system analysis and implementation.
  • A broad multi-disciplinary engineering background.
  • Experience in managing, motivating, monitoring and interacting with highly capable and talented engineering teams.
  • Experience working in a large, geographically and culturally diverse environment.
  • Self-motivated and capable to perform and deliver with minimal direction.
  • Demonstrated ability to clearly develop and present technical and programmatic information in meetings, reviews, and conferences.
  • Demonstrated use of “soft skills” e.g. interpersonal and communication skills and experience of “leading from the middle”.

Desired Qualifications and Skills
  • Experience with Quality Assurance/Quality Control
  • Engineering design experience
  • An advanced engineering or scientific degree.
  • Experience with large ground based astronomical observatories.

Department: Controls
This is a reg full-time position

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