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Account Manager / Senior Account Manager


TRAFFIX BRANCH is growing and looking for an experienced Transportation Account Manager to join our team.

Why should work at TRAFFIX? Read the job description to find out what we have to offer you!

Why work at TRAFFIX?     

You need to work at TRAFFIX to enjoy our:
  • Culture of Respect, Expertise, Collaboration and Entrepreneurship
  • Get involved with our Book Club, join one of our Steering Committees, or sign up for one of our employee events such as Game Night, Cooking Classes, and more! 
  • Work with a team that Supports and Respects each other at a company where Diversity & Inclusion is a Celebrated! 
  • Choose your own work environment! TRAFFIX offers fully remote or work-from-home opportunities.
  • If you have ideas that you wish someone would listen to - tell us! We love the Entrepreneurial spirit, and we strive for Continuous Improvement! 
  • Get involved with your community through our partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters 
  • Enjoy Self Improvement opportunities through our Learning Management System and TRAFFIX Academy; or take advantage of our Tuition Reimbursement Program (Coming Soon!!) 
  • And of course - get paid fairly for your Experience with included Benefits! 
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What is an Account Manager?

As a TRAFFIX Account Manager you will play a vital role in the retention of our valued customers. Your attentiveness to our client’s needs can mean the difference between a satisfied customer who builds a long-term partnership with TRAFFIX and a dissatisfied customer who sends their business to a competitor.

You will be the liaison between TRAFFIX and the clients in your care. Your primary responsibility will be to build a strong, professional relationship with your accounts. To do this, you will listen to their needs and assess the challenges they have. In coordination with the sales representative, you will design unique solutions using TRAFFIX wide range of transportation services to provide the client with value, while making their jobs easier.

You will be the frontline contact for the customer and their best friend at TRAFFIX! When a problem arises or we do not meet expectations, you will work with the client and your team to correct the issue, provide prompt and truthful communication to the customer, and follow up to identify how TRAFFIX can make up for the service failure.

What does a day in the life of an Account Manager look like?

A day in the life of a TRAFFIX Account Manager could include some or all of the following:
  • Building and maintaining customer relationships
  • Identifying further business opportunities to expand our business with your clients
  • Monitoring trends and changes to a customer’s purchase behaviour and following up to determine the root cause
  • Keeping the sales representative abreast of any changes to the client’s business and resolving any internal issues that may be responsible for those changes
  • Notifying the sales representative of any competitor actions that may be drawing our customer’s business away from TRAFFIX
  • Entering orders into TRAFFIX TMS
  • Proactively identifying potential problems and resolving them before they escalate
  • Provide adhoc rates to clients upon request or in response to automated load tendering sites
  • Assist with tracking and tracing customer orders to provide them with proactive updates
  • Writing client specific SOPs and training back up Account Managers to cover you during vacation and/or other time off
Who are you?

You are an expert multi-tasker, active listener, and excellent communicator with a friendly and confident personality. You love getting to know people and building lasting relationships. You display empathy when dealing with client challenges and use emotional intelligence to guide your interactions.

Customer service is the name of the game! You are committed to finding ways to constantly delight your clients to ensure they view TRAFFIX as a valuable business partner.

Nothing gets past you. You pay close attention to detail and ask all the right questions to find the answers you are looking for.

When a problem comes your way – you face it head on. You look for creative ways to solve the problem and use the opportunity to learn so you can handle similar issues like a pro the next time.

You are a sales enthusiast! While hunting for new business isn’t necessarily appealing to you, you are driven to grow the accounts you manage.

“That isn’t my job” is a phrase you never use. As a member of a team, you understand that sometimes you need to lend a hand in other areas for the good of the client.

Does all this sound good?

APPLY TODAY to start your new career and set up roots with a team you can depend on and have fun working with!

This is a non-management position

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