Thank you for your interest in being a host site for the Clatsop WORKS internship program.

Clatsop WORKS is the program manager and takes care of the following:
  • Marketing the program
  • Receives intern applications, resumes, and cover letters and shares application materials with host sites that are a good match
  • Offers applicants workforce/career readiness training such as resume writing, interview skills etc.

Your responsibilities as a host site:
  • Complete Host Employer application
  • Contact internship applicants to set up interviews
  • Hire interns using your organization’s own internal human resources processes (the intern becomes an employee of the host employer)
  • Provide a mentor for your intern for the duration of the internship
  • Provide exposure and job shadowing in as many career fields as possible within your organization.
  • Provide the student with meaningful professional experiences that offer valuable insights into a job field and its requirements.
  • Provide the student with at least one performance evaluation for valuable critique on areas where the student is excelling, and areas that may need improvement.
  • Pay the intern(s) according to your organization's payroll schedule (minimum 20 hrs/ maximum 40 hours/week for 8-10 weeks)
  • Allow the student paid time to attend Clatsop WORKS Professional Development Events, which occur every Wednesday morning for 2 hours.

Tips for developing a successful internship:
  • The best internships are project-based and provide career exploration opportunities, with clearly defined deliverables and purposeful, value-adding work that encourages students to apply their skills.
  • Students should be given a central project or task that can be completed in a pre-determined timeline. 
  • Duties and tasks can evolve, but when there is a lack of bandwidth to provide daily tasks, the student always has the central project to fall back on. 
  • Defining both the company’s and student’s objectives at that start is the best way to create value for both parties 
  • Onboarding (whether virtual or in-person) is essential to prevent any issues and/or dissatisfaction from either party later on. 
  • Give/receive feedback throughout the duration of the internship 
Please contact the Clatsop WORKS program coordinator, Misty Bateman at 503-338-2507 or if you have any questions.

This is a host employer position

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