Do you have a degree, but no full-time experience and need to get one on your resume... but you want to do it on actual interesting problems and be mentored by true data scientists, computer scientists, geospatial architects, agile project managers? 

Well, here is the scoop - this position would be working with Data Scientist Analysts in capacity of shadowing under this role - helping in data science labs. This is a bootcamp position setup for growth applying your course, school projects, and rote material you've been accumulating. We would want you to be proactive, efficient, and ready to learn quickly and rapidly in response to all team member needs. You will be trained bi-weekly on historic context of how data science got here, why in the world that matters, and learn new patterns. In a nutshell, you will be taught how to learn to learn. 

You can see these positions you'd be supporting and shadowing on the Xentity Careers PageIn shadowing our Data Scientist Analyst Role (See posting for that position) which focus on Large Earth Data Programs on projects in Data Transformation, Machine Learning, Algorithm Development and Visualization, Geospatial Transformation, Web BI, NoSQL. This role would also be working with Data Architects, Data Analysts, and several other data related roles which are also on the Xentity Careers Page

If interested, and really interested in learning data science, working hard with a mix of innovation and disciplined grunt work, apply. The intern role is for 0-2 years post-college plus related bachelor's degree – Higher Compensation for experience in prototyping architecture technology demonstrations and in prototyping subject matter. In all reality, if you are applying, we assume you are doing this for the growth and experience. To learn, grow, gain experience, and build up your direction for your career. If you are in or going into Senior year of college, prove yourself , give it a try as well, but be different!

We do NOT currently have an opening.

We review our requirements quarterly and this could change. We like to plan ahead in finding amazing talent.

About Xentity

We are a fast-growing data consulting and support services firm - focused on large data programs in data types such as geospatial, open, big, and IoT data. Check out to learn about our focus, services, clients, missions, values as well as our excellent benefits package and career information.

We have high profile clients and projects that our staff really delivery for, as well enjoy knowing they make a large difference.

Our President has a vision to continue to focus on solutions that transform the Next Generation. Using data integration, knowledge solutions, and amazing increases in computing to impact energy, geosciences, land management, we can bring quality and simplifications to existing and new data flow! Imaging being on a team that brings advanced concepts like high performance computing, AI, data science, fuzzy logic, changing interfaces human-computer points mobile or augmented reality and many more disruptions. This truly can put the I back in IT and GIS.... by concentrating on pragmatic knowledge-first data designs, leadership and management, and the all too forgotten focus on outreach and engagement strategies and solutions.

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Department: Architecture
This is a non-management position
This is a staff position

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