Position Title:  Sous Chef                                          Location:       Fort Lauderdale

Department: Dune                                                  Status:            Salary

Reports To: Executive Chef                                     Date:              October 9, 2018
Dune Sous Cook

  • Read, write and speak English.
  • Ability to understand financial goals and accomplish them.
  • Minimum 2 years Sous Chef experience preferred.
  • Minimum 5 years cooking experience.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with the public and other employees.
  • Minimum 4 years kitchen management experience.
  • College degree or certification in culinary field/hospitality field preferred.

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Maintain customer satisfaction as the driving philosophy of the department. Personally demonstrate a commitment to customer service by inquiring about service quality and responding promptly to guest needs. Promptly handle guest complaints. Fill in for staff when necessary to ensure customer satisfaction. Ensure your staff, including all new hires, are trained to meet standards. Empower staff to deliver customer service by encouraging and rewarding responsive guest assistance. Level of service provided to guests meets or exceeds customer expectations. Ensure that consistency of service and standards are met.
  • FINANCIAL: Manage department within budget. Accurately forecast revenues/expenses. Assist in preparation of annual departmental budget that accurately reflects the department’s operations plan. Anticipate revenue/cost problems and report discrepancies to Executive Chef/F&B Director. Assist hotel staff with accounting related issues. Analyze financial and operating information on an ongoing basis in order to adjust labor, supplies, materials and other costs to achieve budget. Ensure department staff is trained in control procedures as outlined by Internal Audit, and that these procedures are consistently followed. Follow controls for food purchasing, receiving, storage, preparation, etc. Keep waste to a minimum by planning actions and strategies that reduce spoilage, waste or other factors that cause food costs to rise.
  • PEOPLE: Manage people according to Auberge’s values. Manage human resources functions including recruiting, selection, orientation, training, performance reviews, pay and recognition programs to maintain a skilled and motivated workforce. Maintain a positive, cooperative work environment between staff and management. Emphasize training and development as a way of doing business in order to empower employees to successfully perform their jobs. Help to develop management talent by acting as a mentor for direct reports. Resolve employee grievances fairly and timely. Ensure employees fully understand performance standards, review process, and reward successes. Manage safety program to protect guests and employees and which meets OSHA requirements. Use ongoing safety plan to minimize workers’ compensation claims. Train staff to increase level of customer sales, service and safety skills on an ongoing basis. Ensure employees are appropriately certified for their job as required by federal, state or local regulations. Monitor and
maintain acceptable turnover levels.
  • QUALITY: Know the general operations of department and how all hotel departments work together to achieve business objectives and to meet customer expectations. Know the commonly occurring challenges of the F&B business and how to overcome them. Know restaurant standards and hold employees accountable for consistently meeting these standards. Maintain favorable health department scores. Manage a preventive maintenance program for all equipment. Control food-borne illnesses. Meet safety and sanitation standards such as Emergency Plan, CPR/Heimlich training for all employees, proper storage of foods, storing chemicals away from food, etc.
  • MANAGING THE BUSINESS: Assist in the preparation of the F&B budget and maximize department resources to contribute to the successful achievement of the budget. Identify major revenue and expense opportunities and possible problems. Assist with the identification and selection of vendors that provide quality service and competitive prices, and monitor to ensure quality of goods and service is met. Adjust inventory, department labor schedules, staff assignment and supplies based upon demand without loss in quality service. Keep kitchen repair costs down by maintaining equipment. Work with local vendors to keep costs down.

  • Assist in obtaining financial goals.
  • Assist in the directing and correcting the presentation and portioning of food according to Auberge’s standards.
  • Assist in the responsibility to select, train, supervise, develop, discipline and counsel employees in accordance with Auberge’s Company policies and procedures.
  • Communicate daily with the Executive Chef for an update regarding planning, staffing, and internal procedures.
  • Communicate directly with banquet manager or captain for guest count, special request and timing of food functions to attain highest guest satisfaction.
  • Complete all assigned paperwork accurately and timely.
  • Complete daily food requisition and oversee specials utilizing and buildup of overstock.
  • Maintain work areas clean and organized.
  • Order food quantities and oversee production for banquet food operations with purchasing, management and Executive Chef.
  • Participate in banquet (PDR) functions from planning to preparation to dish up of function.
  • Report unsafe conditions immediately.
  • Assist in directing staff in sanitation and sanitary food handling.
  • Assist in scheduling staff according to business levels.
  • Conduct daily walk-through of all walk-in refrigerators, storage rooms, and food lines to ensure rotation, usage, cleanliness and proper sanitation.
  • Maintain and monitor overtime, labor and food costs.
  • Perform in the capacity of any position supervised.
  • Prepare and train staff in use of working menus, recipe cards and photo standards.
  • Assist in conducting performance appraisals.
  • Attend all required meetings.


  • Complete other duties as assigned by supervisor to include cross training.
  • Look ahead to future functions and production.
  • Assist in ordering and taking inventory of products.

  • STOOPING (BEND AT WAIST): Lifting, working outside of office, demonstrating and training cooking techniques, putting away supplies and preparing food for banquets or off of the line.
  • TWISTING (KNEES/WAIST/NECK): Answering the telephone, cooking food, place or retrieve supplies, product, performing line positions.
  • PUSHING/PULLING: Racks, carts with product. Average weight: 50 lbs. Maximum weight: 150 lbs.
  • LIFTING/CARRYING: Product. Average weight: 25 lbs. Maximum weight: 50 lbs.
  • PUSHING/PULLING: Racks, carts. Average weight up to 50 lbs.; Occasionally. Maximum weight 250 lbs.
  • LIFTING/CARRYING: Food products. Average weight 20 lbs.; Occasionally. Maximum weight 50 lbs.

  • TALKING IN PERSON: Public, guests and employees.
  • TALKING ON TELEPHONE: Public, guests and employees.
  • HEARING ON TELEPHONE: Public, guests and employees.
  • NEAR VISION: Corrected to 20/40. Paperwork, knives, chopping, hot equipment.
  • COLOR VISION: Presentation of food and food quality.
  • FULL FIELD VISION: Manage all aspects of a busy and active kitchen.
  • SMELL: Detect potential hazards and odors.
  • TASTE: Assurance of food quality and consistency.

  • INTERACTION WITH OTHERS/COMMUNICATIONS SKILLS: Professionally deal with difficult situations/people.
  • DEADLINES/SHIFT WORK/OVERTIME: Meet deadlines as required. Meet multiple priorities of business demands. Adjust to schedule changes, cover shifts on short notice.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Need to work a variety of hours, varied tasks under varied conditions.
  • PACE: Must change pace as business demands.
  • HIGHLY REPETITIVE WORK: Administrative paperwork tasks, cooking techniques.
  • ATTENTION TO DETAIL: Administrative tasks, plate presentation, safety, sanitation and controlling costs.

  • SAFETY REQUIREMENTS (I.E., CLOTHING, SAFETY EQUIPMENT REQUIRED, ACTIVITIES PERFORMED): Safety shoes, proper guards, follow proper safety procedures and use proper lifting techniques. Maintain security of work area and kitchen equipment while maintaining the level of safety required by the Company and OSHA requirements.
  • EXPOSURES (FUMES, CHEMICALS, VIBRATIONS, HUMIDITY, COLD, HEAT, DUST, NOISE): Exposed to box warmers, freezer, refrigerators, oven.
  • OPERATION OF EQUIPMENT/TOOLS/VEHICLES: Must be able to operate safely mixers and knives.
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This is a management positions position

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