Full-time position

Regional Manager responsible for Field Operations oversight; for all worksites in Colorado. Ensure client expectations are met and provided for, in a timely manner; under the direction of Director of Operations.

Salary: $65K per year + Health Benefits

Duties & Responsibilities

· Assist whenever and wherever needed to ensure Field Operations are running smoothly.

· Develop SOP’s for each worksite and submit to the Corp Office.

· Hold Supervisors accountable for their work. Develop control mechanisms to ensure compliance.

· Randomly audit at least 100+ receipts per week to ensure accurate pricing and hold Supervisors accountable for any mistakes discovered.

· Discover any operational issues that might need policy establishment/changes and report them, along with your suggestions to the Director of Op’s.

· Technology trainer capable of training all supervisor/leads.

· Make suggestions to VPO regarding identified opportunities to streamline productivity and create efficiencies.

· Work together with recruiting to interview, hire and make sure all recruitment needs are met. Ensure candidates are placed at facilities when needed.

· Spend majority of your time ensuring field operations are in a constant state of improvement through staffing, creating efficiencies and proposing ideas related to the perpetual growth of the field operations.

· Audit daily Recaps, Deposits, Inbound Schedules and Deposit Receipts, and Road Sync

· Audit timekeeping, lunch punches and correct payroll hours

· Maintain all Regulatory requirements, Safety reporting and team building files

· Develop and maintain a Safety Culture with teams and facilities

Minimum requirements

· Proficiency in windows-based software programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

· 1 Yr. Experience in staffing industry desired

· Strong organizational and time management skills with keen ability to address highly complex customer issues.

· Bachelor's Degree-Business Studies or 10 years in the Distribution environment

· 3 years Supervisory experience

This is a management position
This is a full time position

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