Full-Time Position 

Job Description: 
A warehouse safety associate plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of personnel, equipment, and materials within a warehouse environment. Their primary responsibility is to establish and maintain a safe working environment to prevent accidents, injuries, and damage.

Schedule: Monday-Friday (8am-5pm) (occasional Saturdays) Flex Schedule and Shifts. Visiting 1st Shifts (2 actual buildings) and 2nd shift and/or part time on 2 shifts.  

Payrate: $17 hourly + Benefits Offered

Job Duties:
  •  Perform hourly warehouse walks utilizing forms for documentation. 

  • Observing all departments regarding safety practices 

  • Rolling out new safety initiatives  

  • Overview all Lead and Supervisor reporting (Near Miss, Equipment Observations etc) 

  • Attending all safety meetings 

  • Reviewing all shift startup meetings and their documentation 

  • Ensure all safety documents are filed 

  • Instruct PIT classes as needed 

Job Requirements: 

  • Must know how to operate a counterbalance forklift

  • Must be bilingual 

Require at least two years in a warehouse environment 


This is a full time position

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