The Academy Coordinator is responsible for implementing the 5 key elements of positive youth development in their daily interactions with youth as well as their employees, and is responsible for the supervision and review of the hourly program plans, impact programs in the Unit, and staff scheduling. The Academy Coordinator will engage with Club parents daily on youth behaviors, Club events, etc. as assigned. All employees of the Boys & Girls Club will be expected to uphold the mission of the Club.

  • Ensure compliance with licensing requirements including ratios, documentation, programming, etc.
  • Ensure Unit staff implement the 5 Key Elements for Positive Youth Development.
  • Exhibit the Club Values of excellence, impact driven, teamwork, and good character.
  • Lead discipline and guidance for youth having behavioral challenges and assist with the creation and implementation of youth success plans.
  • Manage specialty programs and grants as assigned.
  • Facilitate and attend Club trainings, including the monthly all staff meetings.
  • Responsible for interviewing, hiring, and disciplining Club employees as assigned.
  • Supervise assigned employees, which includes writing 60 day reviews, performance plans, and holding weekly and bi-weekly one on one meetings.
  • Ensure that all weekly or bi-weekly meetings for staff occur.
  • Assist with the planning and implementation of special events.
  • Assist with budget tracking in the priority outcomes of Academic Success, Good Character and Leadership, and Healthy Lifestyles.
  • Build relationships with Club parents through parent orientations, phone calls, e-mails, daily communication, etc.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

  • FUN
    • Smile and laugh with each youth that is in your space throughout the day.
    • Give high fives to all youth that enter your space. Clap and cheer as members enter the space. 
    • Participate in Club staff dress up and theme days.
    • Actively be engaged in the hourly activity/impact program occurring in the space you are working in while effectively supervising the full space.
    • Bring new fun programming ideas to each biweekly meeting that occurs with your supervisor.
    • Seek out new members each day and learn something new about them.
    • Choose three youth each trimester who attend regularly and serve as their mentor (ask about their day, learn about their outside interests, etc.).
    • Assist Unit Director and other supervisors in implementing individualized youth success plans.
    • Greet all members by their first name when they enter your space and with “It is so great to see you at the Club today!”
    • Make two Club announcements over the loud speaker to recognize something great that two members did each day.
    • Be involved in Be Great Ceremonies by participating in the drum roll before the Youth of the Month winner is announced, high fives to the Youth of the Month winners and leading by example by cheering when youth names are announced during the ceremony.
    • Be Great Champ Cards, Be Great Cards, Accident/Incident Reports and Teachable Moments will be used on a daily basis, will be filled out in its entirety and will follow the process that is outlined by the Boys & Girls Club of Brookings.
    • Hourly program plans will be implemented according to the schedule and if not going successfully, on the spot fun will be implemented.
    • In your space, work with your coworkers and supervisor to establish a time where all youth must try something new.
    • Program areas are kept cleaned and well maintained by the implemented of the opening and closing checklists and daily Club clean ups.
    • When rules are broken, the emphasis is on positive reinforcement with members regarding their behavior in order to help them make positive choices in the future.
    • When talking with youth, staff get to their level to ensure eye contact can be made.
    • Confidentiality of all members’ information is kept at the Club and is not shared verbally or via social media to anyone who is not an employee of the Boys & Girls Club of Brookings.
    • As a mandatory reporter, all suspected child abuse or neglect will be reported to your supervisor immediately and a report to DSS will be made.
    • Youth boundaries are respected (youth feet stay on the ground, no hand holding or lap sitting).
    • All Club policies and procedures are followed.

  • Excellence: We strive for excellence within our staff, programs, board and environment
    • Leads by example and role models values and behaviors with people and projects.
    • Professional in appearance (following Club dress code), confident in word and body language.
  • Impact Driven: We believe that every person, youth, and staff can reach their full potential when guided by high expectations and impact driven decisions.
    • Hold all youth, co-workers, supervisors, staff, volunteers and one self in setting high goals in behavior and performance. Accountability is taken for own actions.
    • Displays passion for what one does within and for the organization.
  • Teamwork: By staying flexible and working as a team, we believe we can obtain success in meeting our individual and group goals.
    • Does not serve as a ‘sound board’ for negative comments or actions anywhere.
    • Gives feedback constructively and takes feedback with an open mind.
  • Good Character: We value respect, understanding, honesty, equality, patience and trust.
    • Behaviors, attitude and performance are excellent, including when no one is looking.
    • Approaches and informs supervisor with any and all concerns first.

  • Bachelor’s Degree from an Accredited University
  • Experience working with youth of ages 5 through 12
  • Management/Supervisory Experience
  • Must be able to understand, implement, and demonstrate principals of behavior management and other youth treatment modalities, per the Club trainings and values of fun, supportive relationships, recognition, opportunities and expectations, and safety.
  • Must be able to provide leadership, on-the-spot and reflective feedback, and supervision to assigned employees to ensure they too understand and demonstrate principals of behavior management and other youth treatment modalities, per the Club trainings and values of fun, supportive relationships, recognition, opportunities and expectations, and safety.

  • Must be of the mental and physical capacity to observe, interact, and communicate with youth, staff, volunteers, parents etc. at the Club to ensure safety of the space and others, provide guidance and reflection per the Club priority outcomes and goals
  • Ability to stand/sit for long periods of time throughout a shift
  • Ability to operate various types of general office equipment including PC, telephone, copier, etc.

The information presented indicates the general nature and level of work expected of employees in this classification.  It is not designed to contain, nor be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory of all duties, responsibilities, qualifications, and objectives required of employees assigned to this job.


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