• Read and speak English fluently.
  • Prior baking/pastry experience in high volume output.
  • Some knowledge of baking bread/desserts/pastry
  • No employee will pose a direct threat to the health/safety of self or others.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Meet service quality standards that affect guest satisfaction; respond to guest questions or problems in a timely, professional manner.
  • WORK HABITS: Meet the property standards for work procedures, dress, grooming, attendance, and punctuality; report to work and return from breaks on time; give advance notice when the absence is anticipated; require a typical amount of supervision; accept work assignments without complaints.
  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Accept opportunities to learn new skills, improve the performance or cross-train for other hotel positions; solve routine problems that occur on the job; ask questions when not sure how to complete something; learn new skills as quickly as most others in the same job.
  • SAFETY AND SECURITY: Follow the property’s recommended safety, security and emergency procedures; follows hotel procedures for key control, lifting heavy objects and/or using chemicals; reports potential security risks and hazardous conditions to management.
  • FOOD/BEVERAGE PRESENTATION: Prepare and arrange food or drinks that are attractive and appetizing to the guests; receive few complaints about the food served; inspect food being served; meet service standards.
  • FOOD/BEVERAGE PREPARATION: Use only quality foods and ingredients; thoroughly wash food and prepare according to standards; accurately estimate cooking times; test foods to ensure quality; assembles attractive food items; the amount of waste and spoilage is acceptable; prepare food according to guest specifications.
  • SANITATION: Follow recommended procedures for handling and storing food supplies in order to control food-borne illnesses and food spoilage; maintain sanitary personal hygiene, maintain local health department standards and receive a passing score on inspections.
  • CLEANING/MAINTENANCE: Meet the property ‘standards for cleanliness of food service areas; clean all assigned areas of the restaurant, lounge or kitchen on schedule; pass most inspections.
  • Bake-off and finish high-quality bread/dessert/pastries for restaurants and market place
  • Keep work areas clean and organized.
  • Report all unsafe conditions immediately.
  • Responsible for completion of prep list.
  • Follow all Auberge Food & Beverage SOP’s.
  • Set up, stock, maintain and clean food preparation areas
  • Communicate well with Executive Chef/Executive Sous Chef/Pastry Chef.
  • Display knowledge in sanitation and sanitary food handling.
  • Keep sufficient supply of product needed.
  • Attend all mandatory meetings.
  • Complete other duties as assigned by supervisor to include cross training.
  • Look ahead to future functions and production.
  • Assist in ordering and taking inventory of products.
  • Bending and retrieving or putting supplies away.
  • Carrying supplies or large trays of food.
  • Pushing racks, carts. Average weight up to 50 lbs.; Occasionally. Maximum weight 250 lbs.
  • Lifting food products. Average weight 20 lbs.; Occasionally. Maximum weight 50 lbs.
  • Meet deadlines as required. Meet multiple priorities of business demands. Adjust to schedule changes, cover shifts on short notice.
  • Work a variety of hours, varied tasks under varied conditions.
  • Must change pace as business demands.
  • The appearance of the finished product, i.e., Danish, muffins, breads, etc.
  • Must be able to respond to last minute details. Must handle problems in a professional manner.
  • SAFETY REQUIREMENTS (I.E., CLOTHING, SAFETY EQUIPMENT REQUIRED, ACTIVITIES PERFORMED): Constantly. Safety shoes, proper guards, follow proper safety procedures and use proper lifting techniques. Maintain security of work area and kitchen equipment while maintaining the level of safety required by the Company and OSHA requirements.
  • EXPOSURES (FUMES, CHEMICALS, VIBRATIONS, HUMIDITY, COLD, HEAT, DUST, NOISE): Occasionally. Exposed to box warmers, freezer, refrigerators, oven.
  • OPERATION OF EQUIPMENT/TOOLS/VEHICLES: Frequently. Must be able to operate safely mixers and knives.

Department: Culinary
This is a hourly positions position

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