Provide all massage services offered in the Auberge Spa Fort Lauderdale menu of services. Meet and exceed guest expectations while delivering outstanding services to spa guests.
  1. Provide all facial treatments as offered in the spa menu of services. 
  2. Follow all protocols as outlined in the therapist protocol manual. Adhere to all Auberge Resort Operating Standards as written in our treatment protocols.
  3. Maintain a full understanding of the spa menu, services and products, and be able to explain and promote all spa facilities, services and activities to our guests.
  4. Greet guests and escort them to the treatment room. Upon completion of service escort guest to the next appointment, relaxation area, nail/hair or beauty bar section, cabana, locker room etc.
  5. Contact the spa call-in line at scheduled times to confirm treatments scheduled. Maintain contact with Spa Lead Therapist to learn of any additions, deletions or changes in schedule.
  6. Arrive 30 minutes before scheduled shift unless treatments require earlier arrival.  Return punctually from breaks and meal periods.  Clock out promptly at end of scheduled shift.
  7. Cultivate and maintain a professional attitude and image at all times, maintaining a clean uniform and proper hygiene, demonstrating appropriate speech and behavior, and excellent communication skills.
  8. Maintain helpful, cooperative relations with co-workers.
  9. Follow-up with Director of Spa, Spa Operations Manager or Lead therapist on all comments, concerns and suggestions made by resident and guest.
  10. Maintain equipment and report any needed repairs to the Therapist Supervisor. Report all needs for room or equipment repair immediately by writing on the maintenance log which will be entered into computer for repair.
  11. Stock treatment room before, during and after each shift.
  12. Strictly adhere to sanitation and safety guidelines, cleaning and disinfecting all required items used in treatment before shift ends.
  13. Accurately communicate information regarding guest history and preferences on guest preference form for input.
  14. Keep staff room, and associate locker clean and neat at all times. 
  15. Adhere to Spa associate handbook guidelines.
  16. Be on schedule for a minimum of two shifts per week.
  17. Attend all spa associate trainings and meetings as scheduled.
  18. Available to work holidays, weekends and evenings as needed.
  19. Assist other departments within the spa whenever necessary and available.
  20. Proper use of all spa facilities and equipment.
  21. Perform other duties as directed, developed or assigned.

  1. State of Florida Massage Therapist License, fingerprinting and photo I.D. accepted by State.
  2. State of Florida Massage License.
  3. Knowledge of anatomy and physiology, understanding of the relationship between the structure and function of the human body, understanding of the theory, contraindications and benefits of massage therapy.
  4. Experience and ability to be intuitive and knowledgeable, responding to the specific needs of each guest.
  5. Ability to read, write and speak conversantly in English using correct pronunciation and grammar.
  6. Ability to learn, remember and perform all spa treatments as outlined in the therapist protocol manual.
  7. Ability to work in an environment infused with a variety of scents, such as aromatherapy oils.
  8. Ability to maintain the spa’s core values.

  1. Ability to make guests as physically and emotionally comfortable as possible while providing massage and body services.
  2. Ability to properly and conservatively drape guest, exposing only the body part being worked on.
  3. Ability to listen more than talk; 80% listening, 20% talk. Ability to work in silence if guest does not want to talk.
  4. Ability to always remain calm, centered and focused, despite surroundings or personal circumstances.
  5. Ability to participate in a conversation without talking about self.
  6. Ability to be proficient in listening to the needs of the guest.
  7. Ability to learn, remember, provide and adhere to all protocols as outlined in the therapist protocol manual.
  8. Ability to maintain confidentiality of all residents and day guests, and other associates.

Department: Spa
This is a non-management position
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