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BCT offers a competitive total compensation package that, for this position, includes base salary with a starting annual range between $58,000 and $60,000 (negotiable, based on qualifications), along with a generous benefits package.  BCT’s benefits include heavily subsidized medical, dental and vision coverage, fully vested 401k plan with company match, company paid life and disability insurance plans, and a strong work-life balance/time-off structure.

The Information Management Analyst will perform administrative functions designed to support national and regional Office Head Start priorities.  At the direction of the Regional Office, these functions include basic and complex research and analysis of a variety of data sources utilizing both internal OHS and external data sources; development of written analytical reports and documents based on data analysis; completion of quality assurance processes; the development and issuance of correspondence (paper and electronic mail); and development and implementation of modifications to improve the effectiveness of internal work processes and systems related to priority areas.

Key Responsibilities[1]:
The Grants Technician will receive direction from the COR and will be assigned specific duties in support of the Regional Office. 

Administrative Support:  Providing effective and efficient assistance to handle public and grantee inquiries and administrative support to Federal staff.
  • Serve as main contact to the public, handling public and grantee inquiries, maintaining a log of all contacts, entering data into tracking system; handle routine questions and judge when calls or contacts should be referred to federal staff or other resources.
  • Develop reports, correspondence, and presentations, including spreadsheets, Word documents, and Power Point presentations. Reports may be recurring or special and can contain both technical and administrative information; enter data into existing tracking system; perform document integration and editing; collate and develop material for staff presentations or in anticipation of staff’s needs.
  • Participate in pre-planning for monitoring, follow up, reviews and grantee on-site visits by compiling information and preparing materials, mailing review packets and providing post review assistance.
  • Provide note taking support for management meetings and other meetings as assigned; attend staff meetings, recording minutes, preparing, copying and distributing handout materials, ensuring documents are saved in the shared file.
  • Assist with the creation of template letters for common regional approvals such as program option change approvals and key staff hire approvals. Ensure the Regional Program Manager and Grants Officer, when necessary, review and approve such templates prior to distribution to regional staff. Develop and maintain a system for tracking current templates and archiving older versions.
  • Coordinate staff office travel arrangements and reports; assist with coordination, planning and logistics for regional meetings, trainings or events, as assigned.
Waiver and Program Modification Approvals: Support the Regional Office in ensuring that requests for waivers are reviewed and approved in a timely manner and that requests are applicable and allowable; contain adequate justification; and meet the requirements outlined in OHS program instructions and guidance.
  • Use existing internal data management systems or establish additional systems as required to track the receipt and timely resolution of all grantee waiver requests.
  • Complete comprehensive review and analysis of all received waiver requests to ensure that requests meet all applicable requirements and conduct follow up with the relevant OHS and OGM staff to obtain necessary revisions to waiver requests; communicate and coordinate the routing and tracking of grantee waiver requests with relevant OHS and OGM staff
  • Ensure timely completion of required documentation related to waiver requests including, drafting, editing and completion of OHS forms and correspondence approving or disapproving waiver requests.
  • Analyze and develop documentation and written processes as directed by the COR to ensure the effectiveness of internal systems for routing and processing waiver requests in a timely and efficient manner.
Facilities Tracking & Technical Support: Provide direct support as assigned by the COR to assist in the evaluation, tracking, and resolution of Head Start grantee applications to purchase, construct and/or complete major renovations of facilities (facility applications).
  • Use existing OHS data systems and official records to assess the status of Head Start facilities that have been purchased, constructed or meet the definitions of major renovation using Head Start funds to ensure that existing facility applications are in compliance with 45 C.F.R. Part 1303 requirements and that official files and data management systems contain all required information and documents as outlined by the Regional Office.
  • Complete comprehensive review and analysis of all received facility applications to ensure they meet requirements; conduct follow up with the relevant OHS and OGM staff to obtain missing information or necessary revisions to waiver requests; communicate and coordinate the routing and tracking of grantee waiver requests with relevant OHS and OGM staff.
  • Prepare correspondence to obtain additional information and revisions, updated certifications, reports, and documentation as requested; and, maintain official record files and OHS data systems as directed by the COR.
  • Review the accuracy of the Notice of Award for facility project approvals; update and track facility projects, including special conditions such as receipt of notice of federal interest, completion of form 1303 facility checklist, and completion of standard federal forms; track all facility related special conditions; provide reports on facility project status to federal staff.
  • Use existing OHS data systems and/or develop supplemental systems as required and directed by the Regional Office to ensure effective internal systems to track the receipt, status, and resolution of grantee facility applications; conduct periodic reviews of the HSES Region III grantee centers to ensure new facilities are updated; contact grantees if facilities are not posted; ensure federal interest is accurately reported.
Special Initiatives and Projects: Periodically support various initiatives or projects that require the collection and analysis of complex data, production of written reports and/or presentation materials, and the provision of training and support materials.
  • Provide effective project management support to ensure the timely completion of these projects and initiatives, including coordination of workflow and activities, data aggregation and analysis, and quality assurance of various work products; act as Regional Office liaison on national workgroup calls.
  • Utilize internal and external data management systems to develop timely and accurate data sets, analysis reports, and information.
  • Draft written reports and correspondence and develop presentation materials including speaking points, electronic presentations and written information.
  • Identify Regional issues and/or trends, make recommendations and develop innovative strategies and systems the leverage and/or address them.  
Experience, Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
  • Bachelor’s degree in a field related to task activities from an accredited university or college
  • At least 2 years of relevant post-baccalaureate professional experience directly related to the task activities.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in utilizing a variety of web-based and commercial off the shelf data management software packages.
  • Demonstrated ability to aggregate, analyze and present data gathered from multiple sources.
  • Ability to develop reports, correspondence and presentations to include Excel spreadsheets, MS Word documents, and Power Point presentations
  • Proven ability to effectively communicate (both verbally and orally), exercise sound judgment, ask questions and be open to the input and decisions of others
  • Demonstrated organizational, administrative and project coordination skills, and the ability to effectively manage multiple priorities.  
  • Experience scheduling appointments, preparing travel arrangements, arranging meetings, maintaining staff calendars, and coordinating assignments.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, with the proven ability to collaborate and build relationships with staff, clients, remote colleagues and supervisors, and others
  • Able to, both independently and collaboratively, solve problems, make decisions and support change

Our Clients
The US Department of Human Services, Administration of Children and Families (ACF), Office of Head Start (OHS).  OHS’ mission is to promote school readiness by enhancing the social and cognitive development of low-income children through health, educational, nutritional, social, and other services, as necessary. The Head Start Regional Office is the funding agency to grantees that provide Head Start (HS) and Early Head Start (EHS) services to pregnant women and children from birth to age 5. OHS provides oversight of these grantees through monitoring and technical assistance, often with the support of partners like BCT.  BCT takes great pride in supporting our clients: the OHS Regional Office, its grantees and the communities they serve. 
[1] Job descriptions serve to provide guidance and information regarding position responsibilities and job expectations.  BCT Partners reserves the right, where permitted by law, to modify position responsibilities, sometimes without notice or written updates to the job description documents. 
BCT Partners is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, military and or/ veteran status, or any other Federal or State legally protected class. BCT Partners will not discriminate against persons because of their disability, including disabled veterans, and will make reasonable accommodations for known physical or mental limitations of qualified employees and applicants with disabilities. If you are interested in applying and require special assistance or accommodations due to a disability, please contact our Human Resources department at We appreciate the diversity of our communities and invite all who are interested to apply.

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