EMPLOYER NAME:  Cintra US Services LLC
JOB TITLE: Traffic & Revenue Analyst

The Traffic and Revenue Analyst will formulate simulation models to analyze vehicular traffic and revenue data relating to the company’s concessionary roadways and potential business opportunities, developing systems and procedures to forecast traffic and revenue, and preparing detailed recommendations regarding manner in which such forecasts should be used and implemented to improve decision making regarding the company’s operations. Duties include:
  • Define data requirements and plan procedures for gathering traffic information through a variety of sources, including traffic counts, market research surveys, and travel time surveys.
  • Formulate and update simulation models and develop decision support software to forecast traffic and revenue for existing North American assets and potential business opportunities. This includes:
    • Specify methods for organizing information and analyzing data on traffic flows and revenues.
    • Develop simulation models and decision support software which employ analysis of historic data and current economic conditions to forecast traffic and revenues.
  • Analyze traffic and socioeconomic data gathered from concessionary roadways to identify traffic trends, create accurate traffic and revenue forecasts, and present results and recommendations to management. This includes:
    • Prepare monthly reports that document the findings of studies and analyses relating to recent traffic, revenue and economic conditions involving the company’s roadway assets.
    • Discuss traffic and revenue forecast strategies, models and recommendations with managers.
    • Prepare recommendations relating to traffic and revenue estimation based on trends, leading indicators and travel patterns within regions of interest to the company.
  • Collaborate with company’s technical department research personnel to ensure traffic and revenue forecast models are effectively implemented in business’ operations to identify business opportunities and assess value of existing assets.
The Traffic and Revenue Analyst position necessitates robust data analysis experience.  The person in this position will make forecasts and strategic recommendations to management relating to revenue valued in the tens of millions of dollars. In order to fulfill these duties, knowledge of, and practical experience with, the manipulation and analysis of large data sets is essential. Without such knowledge and experience, the candidate will be unable to develop accurate forecasts and recommend effective procedures to be employed in the company’s assessment and decisions regarding future traffic and revenues.

JOB REQUIREMENTS: Master’s degree in operations research, civil engineering, engineering management, industrial engineering, or related field and one year of experience (pre or post-Master’s) in operations research analysis role or any position in which required experience was acquired. Must have academic and/or professional experience: developing systems and decision support software for gathering, preparing and analyzing large data sets; using statistical methods and software for analysis of large data sets; using Microsoft SQL to analyze large data sets; preparing reports summarizing research and data analysis results and recommending decision-making strategies based thereon.

JOB LOCATION: 9600 Great Hills Trail, Suite 250E, Austin, TX 78759
TO APPLY SEND RESUME TO:  Mail resume c/o Ashlyn Carroll, 9600 Great Hills Trail, Suite 250E, Austin, TX 78759. Include reference to "Traffic & Revenue Analyst position"


This is a non-management position
This is a full time position

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