Responsible for the timely purchase of supplies, parts and other materials as requisitioned to support production, maintenance, capital improvements and safety.  Develops and maintains inventory of routine replacement parts and supplies to prevent production delays or disruption, and unsafe working conditions.  Responsible for accurate and timely preparation of purchase requisitions and orders; inventory of supplies and parts; maintenance of purchasing system and recordkeeping.  Researches, compares and evaluates parts and supply needs and identifies options, and vendor sources.  Responsible for communicating any delays in obtaining purchases, or vendor difficulties to Purchasing Manager, Maintenance Supervisor, Facilities & Maintenance Manager, or Production Management.  Accurately follows all purchasing approval procedures and the corporate Small Business Subcontracting Plan to ensure corporate compliance.  Responsible for participating in any process improvement projects as needed.
  • Purchase tools, parts, and other supplies from established vendors.
  • Locate, evaluate, and select new vendors with input from Production Supervisors, Maintenance employees, or Department Supervisors.  Meet with vendors of new products to determine cost savings.
  • Per maintenance direction schedules outside services for repair and preventive maintenance inspections.  If necessary sends out equipment, tools, and industrial devices to appropriate vendors for repair or replacement.
  • Determines and maintains an adequate inventory level of equipment, component spares, and consumable materials to support equipment repair, rebuilds, and plant operations.
  • Follows up on back orders to ensure parts will be received on the required date.  Coordinates timely returns of unusable parts.
  • Ability to locate emergency supplies and spares.  Researches and cross references spare parts and supplies from different sources to maintain adequate inventory level.
  • Locate and develop new sources of supplies where feasible.  Negotiate prices in order to achieve the lowest possible total cost. 
  • Oversees and performs when necessary physical inventories, cycle counts and incoming verification.  Tracks down discrepancies between physical count and computer data and takes corrective action.
  • Identifies and procures all routine and non-routine equipment, parts, and materials as needed to support uninterrupted production, maintenance, safety, and capital improvements.
  • Responsible for ongoing professional verbal and written communication with vendors to follow-up on the status of purchase orders and the timely communication to the Purchasing Manager, Maintenance Supervisor, Facilities & Maintenance Manager, or Production Management regarding any delays, problems, or cost changes.
  • Coordinates work assignments from Purchasing Manager and discusses priority needs, and job focus in order to minimize questions or misunderstandings about what is to be done.
  • Maintains parts records and supplies that are required to support planned production shut-down periods.  Ability to predict spare parts and supplies needed based on published shut-down activity list.  Orders spare parts and supplies to provide timely deliveries to support maintenance and capital improvement projects to meet deadlines.
  • Responsible for back-up support for scheduled or unscheduled absences of Purchasing Manager to ensure production, maintenance, capital improvements, and safety needs are met.

This is a full time position

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