The ideal candidate is an energetic and reliable team player with experience working in painting, tile, drywall, and/or carpentry as well as plumbing and electrical repairs. Previous experience with building preventive maintenance is a plus. Part of daily responsibilities include: assisting various supervisors as required, providing service to other functional areas as necessary, including Housekeeping, Food and Beverage Department Equipment and set up needs, Laundry, Mechanical and Electrical plant, paving, walks, walls, railings, steps and related structures. Weekend and holidays availability required.  

Engineering – Job Description
DEPARTMENT: Engineering
POSITION: Generalist II
REPORTS TO: Director of Facilities

JOB SUMMARY: Generalist daily responsibilities include, performing guestroom and public space preventive maintenance, equipment maintenance, response to guestroom or public space operational problems, responding to requests for assistance with operational problems from departments; housekeeping, laundry, kitchen, food and beverage, front desk, and accounting. Assists various supervisors as required. Provides service to other functional areas as necessary, including Housekeeping, Food and Beverage Department Equipment and set up needs, Laundry, Mechanical and Electrical plant, paving, walks, walls, railings, steps and related structures. Other Duties may include, cleaning and equipment washing, minor demolition, small excavation, loading and lifting, trash and debris removal, and resetting or removal of furnishings.


  1. Implement the guestroom and public spaces preventive maintenance program, which includes, furnishings, lamp changing and other minor electrical and carpentry repairs, toilet, sink and tub repairs including cleanout work. 
  2. Install screen cloths in frames, install screens, window hardware, pulls and sashes for double-hung and casement windows. 
  3. Perform wall repairs to access enclosed problems.  Fit, mud, tape, texture, and sand to new finish where required.
  4. Perform door repairs including lockset changes, hinge replacements, closers, operators and associated hardware.
  5. Operate powered and hand ‘snakes’ and augers to clear drains within building and through cleanouts.
  6. On an as needed basis, will require; resetting tv remotes and rebooting movie equipment, rebooting and reestablishing wireless service to guestrooms, lighting fireplaces, relighting or starting: stoves, boilers and heaters, operating pumping and injection and treatment systems for pools and spas.
  7. Perform equipment maintenance including, lubrication, filtration, flushing, belt and transmission adjustments and replacements on building, kitchen and laundry systems. 
  8. Respond to guest requests for assistance within the guestroom, setting fans, GFI’s, adjusting water temperatures, air conditioning, tv programming, lighting and drapery.
  9. Respond to employee request for assistance in operational spaces, adjusting cooling, fan speeds, clearing drains and sinks etc, resetting breakers, panels and equipment. 
  10. Operate the chiller and heating plant of the HAC, responding to temperature control issues, pump circuits and humidistat operation. 
  11. Use stores, stocks, lumber, furnishing components, latch and key, and other materials.  Use paint and finish supplies and records of application, mixes and grouts. 
  12. Maintain furnishings in guestroom and public areas, restore finishes, use paints and coverings, reset hardware, locks, hasps, hinges.  Perform touchup furniture repairs, including glue ups, dowel replacements or installations, tabletop setting and repair, adjustment of leveling and of furnishings.
  13. Maintain tile, grout and flooring materials, reapply grouts, finish to match existing, reset tile. Cut and fit replacement tiles, where necessary layout and install tile over a 10ft sq area, from surface preparation to wash-clean of grout. 
  14. Repair flooring including carpet and linoleum including re-gluing and sewing of parting lines.
  15. Faces guests in difficult situations, overcomes guest problems, while working with other components of the staff.
  16. First response to emergencies on the property, may involve use of fire extinguishing equipment, ‘sounding the alarm’, closing critical valves, opening critical switches and shutting down abnormally operating equipment.  
  17. Reset fire systems, defeat systems for special purposes (repairs) eliminate defective elements, replace operational components (other than operational control panel components), and restore operation of panels.
  18. Maintain storm drainage during inclement weather, operate emergency lighting systems and set roadblocks and directional aides where necessary. 
  19. May be assigned other duties or responsibilities as required or directed.
  20. Embraces Cavallo Point’s Approachable Luxury Philosophy Card and Culture, inspiring the             employees to follow and embrace our values and goals.
  21. Maintain and follow high safety standards and personal conduct.
  22. Follow Company policies and procedures as established in the Employee Handbook.
  23. Attend departmental meetings as required.
  24. Sincere and warm interaction with all guests/clients/vendors including consistent eye contact with a smile.
  25. Follow and deliver 5 Star services’ standards, delighting guests by anticipating their needs.

1.    Participate on an occasional basis to perform duties not normally associated with Engineering- that assist Cavallo Point in accomplishing overall goals
2.    Participate in maintaining a safe work environment, by following all departmental, and property wide safety policies and programs. 
3.    Maintain a ‘ready to work’ personal tool kit, (issued to the individual) with designated tools, in complete and good repair.  Maintain specialty tools used by others.
4.    Participate in training, monthly discussions within department, property wide meetings designated by the General Manager, or her designee, and other more frequent operational meetings as required. 
5.    Able to work on roofs, in trunks, attics and basements for extended periods of time including re-shingle, tear-offs, storm repairs and rolled roofing repairs. 
6.    Work with both hands, while standing for 2-hour periods with power tools and construction materials in hand.
7.    Respond to emergency conditions involving safety, continuous operation of the property and emergency guest needs.
8.    Perform technical tasks identified by manufactures written instructions, plans and similar documentation.
9.    Complete training on site involving equipment and procedures related to safety and personal protective equipment.
10.  Possess a valid California Driver's License.
11.  Complete a State of California, Certified Pool Operators course preferred.  
12.  Able to work on ladders & scaffolding at various heights for extended periods of time. 
13.  Perform installation, maintenance, adjustments and cleaning repairs to venting, ducts, grills and related equipment.

1.    Demonstrate expertise in several trade areas, of which three must be:  Furniture making or repair, building painting, ceramic tile and grout work, maintenance plumbing for toilets, urinals, sinks, and commercial kitchen plumbing, brick or stone laying, maintenance electrical work, heating cooling and air conditioning or carpentry. 
2.    Demonstrated skill in use of hand tools, stationary power carpentry tools, power handheld drills, saws-all, sanders, chipping and abrading tools.
3.    Using and analyzing multi-meter, temperature and pressure reading equipment, equipment scales and ‘readouts’.
4.    Ability to stand for lengthy periods of time, with a half hour meal break, and 2 10-minute breaks.
5.    High School diploma with equivalent acceptable experience.

NOTE:  This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. Employees maybe asked to perform other related duties as directed to meet the ongoing needs of the organization. Employees are expected to follow direction from all members of the management team even if the manager works in another department. The department manager reserves the right to modify the job description or job duties based on the needs of the department or newly added departmental services.

About Our Benefits

Here are some of the benefits available to qualifying employees:

  • Generous Paid Time Off program
  • Health Insurance
  • 401k Retirement Option
  • Five-star hospitality training
  • Opportunity for advancement 
  • Employee discount programs
  • Free parking


About Cavallo Point

Cavallo Point Lodge is a San Francisco Bay area luxury lodge located at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge in Sausalito.  The Lodge offers luxury accommodations, fine dining, healing arts center and spa, cooking school and meeting facilities.  In addition to being a member of Historic Hotels of America, Cavallo Point Lodge was named one of the "Top 10 New American Landmarks" by Travel+Leisure and also received LEED Gold Certification for its environmentally sustainable design and construction.

Pay rate is $31.48 per hour

This is a non-management position
This is a full time position
Pay Scale: $31.48 per hour

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