To complete the payroll functions for the Food and Beverage departments on a daily and weekly basis which includes: Culinary, Stewarding, Outlets and Banquets and any other which may be added. To check daily the timecards of the food and beverage employees ensuring the times match the updated/edited/modified schedules and to ensure everyone is in compliance with CA statues and laws.
To administer the printing and distribution as necessary of the BEO’s and monitor the change log and any other necessary forms or paperwork associated with the banquet and catering departments.

  1. Responsible for inputting payroll for kitchen, banquets, and restaurant as necessary on a weekly basis
  2. Responsible for calculating tips for restaurant, kitchen, and banquets weekly
  3. Ensure payroll is confirmed every Monday and before being sent to Paychex on a bi-weekly basis
  4. Manage employee callouts, requests for days off, and paid time off via a department spreadsheet
  5. Work closely with Human Resources, Finance, and Payroll departments to ensure accurate time keeping
  6. Maintain quality working relationships with many people in various departments
  7. Be able to handle multiple projects at once
  8. Assist with purchasing of restaurant and kitchen supplies
  9. Assist with entering schedules into Unifocus scheduling system weekly
  10. Monitor Instawork account and any other staffing agencies for the kitchen and banquet departments including compliance with sign in/out sheets and employee ID verification. Monitoring all invoices and schedules
  11. Track invoices and prepare monthly expense reports
  1. Must have a High School diploma or equivalent
  2. Restaurant experience a plus
  3. Fluent in Spanish and English


This is a non-management position
This is a full time position
Pay Scale: $31.80

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