The Director of Music provides direction and leadership for all aspects of the parish liturgical music program, is a member of the Parish Staff and attends staff meetings.  The Director is responsible for the all parish liturgical choirs and instrumental ensembles and manages other personnel who direct liturgical musicians serving youth ministry.  The Director of Music works closely with the Pastor to ensure the suitability of all music performed at the parish.  The Parish uses both piano and organ music with additional instrumentation for special liturgies.  The church is equipped with a 39 rank, pipe organ, recently upgraded with a Viscount console adding digital synthesis capabilities which both provides additional voices and back up for the wind blown pipes.
The following is a list of principal duties:
General Duties:
    • Manage and Direct the Music department staff to provide high quality, liturgical music at parish liturgies including all Sunday Masses and one Daily Mass each day.
    • Typical Sunday Liturgies will include one Choir Mass (Sept to May).  Other Masses will be supported by cantors. 
    • The Director of Music will play / direct at special liturgies including: First Eucharist, Confirmation, Tenebrae, Easter Vigil, Good Friday, Holy Thursday, and other Holy Days of Obligation.
    • Schedule musicians for Funeral and Wedding liturgies.
    • Manage and direct acquisition and maintenance of instruments for use in liturgies in coordination with the Business Manager.  Consult on matters relating to sound reinforcement equipment.
    • Support the generation of worship aids as required.  Monitor copyright compliance and reporting.
    • Assist Couples in choosing appropriate music for their wedding.  Support musical planning for funerals.
Adult Liturgical Choir:
    • Recruit and train adult choir members.
    • Hold rehearsals each week during choir season.
    • Prepare and arrange music.  Provide choir members with practice materials
    • Direct the choir at liturgies. 
    • Recruit and arrange for choir accompanists for the liturgies
    • Host ‘Thank you’ celebrations such as dinners
    • Recruit, train, rehearse and schedule cantors.
    • Provide practice and rehearsal support materials to the cantors.
    • Recruit, train, rehearse and schedule musicians and accompanist in sufficient numbers to support the liturgy calendar of the Parish
    • Provide practice and rehearsal support materials.

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