Prepares instruments and supplies to perform the procedure according to the physician’s documented preferred routine for that procedure.  Prepares the operating field for the procedure.  Performs routine and delegated duties. 

Reports to:  Nurse Manager – O.R/Clinical Director of Nursing
Supervises:  None

Required:  Operating Room Technician training (Surgical Technician course of study or Surgical Technician Certification).  Operating Room experience.  CPR certification.
Preferred: None.

Requires frequent and constant judgment and response; occasionally in response to disasters or emergencies, actual events or drills.  Requires language skills adequate for high-level verbal and written communication in American English. 

Requires high-level visual and auditory acuity for timely response and patient care assessment activities.  Requires the ability to move quickly in response to physician and patient needs, to stand for long periods, occasional overhead and low reaching and to exert force up to 50 lbs. occasionally, up to 20 lbs. frequently and/or up to 10 lbs. constantly.  Patient care activities require the ability to exert force of up to 30 lbs. constantly, up to 40 lbs. occasionally and up to 100 lbs. rarely. 

Category I exposure to blood borne pathogens, frequent exposure to chemical hazards and may encounter radiation hazards. 

Supports the philosophy, goals and objectives of the organization. 
  • Performs according to approved policies and procedures. 
  • Participates as a team member in support of the total peri-operative process. 
  • Considers patient rights in performance of job duties and responsibilities. 
Acts in accordance with policies and procedures, rules and regulations and laws of all regulatory bodies affecting the operation of the facility.  Performs job duties in accordance with professional standards of practice. 

Communicates effectively with patients, visitors, physicians and co-workers. 
  • Interactions are respectful and courteous. 
  • Communicates effectively and professionally. 
  • Ensures that information received from patient is disseminated to the appropriate people or departments. 

Continuous Learning
Maintains professional competence by participating in continuing education and other learning experiences. 
  • Participates in committees, conferences and improvement of performance activities. 
  • Seeks new learning experiences by accepting challenging opportunities and responsibilities. 
  • Objectively evaluates suggestions and criticism and attempts to improve performance or seeks further guidance as needed. 

Environment of Care
Adheres to safety policies and procedures in performing job duties and responsibilities. 
  • Reports observed or suspected safety violations, hazards and policy and procedure non-compliance to the Safety Officer or other designated person. 
  • Observes safety measures in performance of job duties and responsibilities. 
  • Responds to emergency situations with competence and composure. 

Improvement of Organizational Performance
Contributes to the progress and development of the organization’s adopted Improvement of Performance Program. 
  • Performs according to established improvement of performance policies and procedures. 
  • Supports risk management and participates in programs directed to patient and employee safety. 
  • Objectively evaluates suggestions, grievances and processes to identify opportunities to improve performance and quality of care. 

Management of Organizational Functions
Performs specified functions to meet the requirements of each procedure approved for the facility. 
  • Assembles supplies and equipment for scheduled procedures according to physician preference cards. 
  • Inspects equipment for proper working condition. 
Performs Operating Room Technician functions following principles of aseptic technique and prescribed Operating Room procedures. 
  • Adheres to aseptic technique when opening sterile packages and preparing for the procedure. 
  • Arranges instruments according to routine for given procedure.  Confirms that instruments work properly. 
  • Maintains availability of instruments and supplies to avoid delays. 
  • Reports observed or suspected breaks in sterile technique and takes action according to policy. 
  • Correctly utilizes, cares for, cleans and sterilizes instruments, supplies and equipment as directed. 
  • Handles equipment and instruments correctly to provide appropriate availability and safety. 
  • Assists in maintaining adequate supplies in the Operating Room for immediate access during procedure. 
  • Assists in work area by cleaning, storing, packaging and sterilizing instruments. 
  • Assists in storing and stocking of supplies as directed. 
  • Maintains and updates instrument cards and surgeon preference cards. 
  • Responds in a timely manner to meet the needs of the patient and physician. 
  • Displays the ability to comprehend and interpret verbal orders and direction. 
  • Displays skill in oral and written communication techniques. 
  • Ensures patient care records and other forms accurately follow policies and procedures. 
  • Accurately advises others responsible for care of the patient about the patient’s status. 

Public Relations
Creates and/or participates in positive opportunities to provide information about the operations of the facility to the public.  

Performs other duties as required or assigned. 

This is a full time position

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