The On-site Monitor is responsible for ensuring appropriate communication, logistical and site needs are met at the city’s emergency housing sites. You will be assigned to either an emergency housing hotel site or an emergency housing congregate site. The position is responsible for working with onsite staff from the Department of public health, Human Services Agency, and/or the Department of Homelessness and Supporting Housing. The On-site Monitor reports to the HAS DOC housing Site Manager.


Health and safety
  • Use PPE supplies and procedures appropriate for the duties performed
  • Practice general hygiene. Frequently wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, and practice social distancing of at least 6 feet at all times
  • Sanitize your workspace at the beginning and end of your shift.
  • Post and maintain signage to promote social distancing and other safety protocols.
  • Refer any medical or behavioral issues, including de-escalation needs, to on-site practitioners/counselors; alert Site Manager of unmet needs.

Communication and coordination
  • Review site binder and keep track of important contact information.
  • Meet with all site staff at shift changes to ensure effective communication. Communicate at least daily with the Site Manager.
  • Answer phone calls from guests and coordinate with site staff to respond to guests’ needs; answer the site’s “go-phone” (or forward it to a personal cell phone) to ensure timely communication with the Site Manager.
  • Maintain an up-to-date log of the occupancy and maintenance/housekeeping status of each room, and report to Site Manager and on-site staff as needed.
  • Assist in coordinating laundry and janitorial services; maintain an up-to-date schedule of these services and communicate it to guests and staff.
  • Direct guests to the designated smoking and pet areas as needed.
  • Contact Animal Care and Control if pet supplies (including food) are needed. Assist in coordinating a “pet schedule” for guests to walk, feed and hydrate their pets.
  • Be familiar with and facilitate referrals for home care services, adult protective services, counseling services, and other resources available in the site binder.
  • Immediately report any critical incidents to the Site Manager. Report any security concerns, including violence or attempts to leave the site, to on-site security and the Site Manager

Maintenance, food, and supplies
  • Communicate any facilities issues to Site Manager.
  • Communicate with janitorial staff and other on-site staff regarding room turnover and cleaning needs.
  • Stock and maintain supplies (cleaning, hygiene, linens, food, water, etc.) and notify Site Manager when they are running low.
  • Distribute clothing, clean linens/towels, and other needed supplies to guests upon request (maintain social distance by leaving these items in front of the door).
  • Assist with food delivery (maintaining social distance at all times).

Recordkeeping and confidentiality
  • All information seen/heard at an emergency housing site is CONFIDENTIAL. This includes the hotel name and address, and any information about guests or staff.
  • Sign in and out on the ICS 211 log. Start a new ICS 211 log once full, and maintain all logs in a secure place.
  • Complete an ICS 214 form for every shift.
  • Do not take any information offsite; this includes 214 logs.

  • Previous experience in a related field preferred.

  • Please follow general hygiene rules and safety protocols. Wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, and practice social distancing of at least 6 feet at all times
  • Sanitize your workspace at the beginning and end of your shift, and if you have shared space with others.
  • Able to stand on hard surfaces for an extended period

  • Day shift (7am-3pm)
  • Swing Shift (3pm-11pm)
  • Night shift (11pm-7am)

  • Read and write English proficiently
  • Ability to work respectfully and cooperatively with diverse group of individuals from a variety of educational, social and economic backgrounds
  • Respects and has knowledge of cultures, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientations and age groups other than one’s own, able to work effectively with all
  • Follow workplace quality and safety standards and contribute to a culture of safety
  • Receptive to feedback, willing to learn and embrace continuous improvement


This is a temporary position
Pay Rate: Starting at $24 per hour

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