Salary Range: $17.00 - $21.73 hour DOE

  • Knowledge and understanding of Head Start Philosophy and Federal Performance Standards, in order to maintain compliance to Head Start Program Performance Standards
  • Responsible for children’s recruitment, enrollment, and transition efforts
  • Establish, review, and update on monthly basis, and monitor progress along with needed resources, the Family Partnership Agreements
  • Assist Head Start Director to establish and maintain cooperative referral relationships with other agencies and providers, including MOU/MOA, informal, and formal relationships.
  • Organize parent involvement engagement opportunities.
  • Serve as parent advocate with health, education, and other identified providers and agencies to address families’ needs.
  • Participate in home visits with teaching team, as requested by teaching team and/or family.
  • Conduct Family Advocate home visits, at enrollment and no later than within the first month after enrollment, to establish and maintain positive relationships, and to identify and address family needs.
  • Provide transportation for families, as needed, for health & human services, medical appointments, eligibility documents.
  • Assist teaching team with parent, family, and Community events, and activities.
  • Participate in Head Start Policy Council-Parent Committee
  • Provide Head Start orientation to parents within the first month of school.  Within the first month of enrollment, if child is enrolled after the start of the school year.
  • Create monthly parent activity calendar and provide it to each family of enrolled children.
  • Link parents with education and career opportunities, including Program volunteer opportunities.
  • Schedule, facilitate and assist with parenting classes, including Ready Rosie Curriculum, workshops, trainings, informational meetings as requested and identified by families and Program.
  • Assist families with ongoing health care needs and resources.
  • Maintain accurate directory of Community and area Resources, updating as needed and at least annually.
  • Schedule child health screens and assessments; working with teaching team for dates/times to meet Head Start 45-day requirement.
  • Review and interpret health records, and enter records into ChildPlus database, sending reminder notices to families according to follow-up dates.
  • In ChildPlus database, documents information obtained through family contacts, disability services, health screenings and services; monitors on monthly basis, follow-up as needed/required/recommended.
  • Support staff and parents with Disabilities area
  • Promote health and safety practices.
  • Convene and facilitate regularly scheduled meetings of the Health Services Advisory Committee.
  • Locate community and state resources for families in need.
  • Develop referral system for emergency/crisis assistance.
  • Submit monthly performance reports to the Director for inclusion in Council reports.
  • Must be willing to substitute for absent staff, (teaching team, cook, custodian) if needed to meet needs of children, families, and Program.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Head Start Director
  • Minimum:  High School diploma or GED.
  • Per Head Start Program Performance Standards, 1302.91(e) Child and Family Services Staff, (7) Family services staff qualification requirements. A program must ensure staff who work directly with families on the family partnership process hired after November 7, 2016, have within eighteen months of hire, at a minimum, a credential or certification in social work, human services, family services, counseling or a related field.
  • Preferred:  Associate or bachelor’s degree, in social work, human services, family services, counseling or a related field, and two years of related experience in a human or social services program with social services or counseling field background. 
  • Preferred: Two-year degree/certification, Head Start area management experience and two years experience in a health services area.
  • Must possess leadership skills.
  • Basic writing, math, and computer skills.
  • Record management and communication skills.
  • Must be flexible and a team player.
  • Knowledge of and appreciation for minority cultures and experience in working with low-income children and their families.
  • Must pass a pre-employment physical exam, including a test for Tuberculosis; thereafter according to medical professional requirement/recommendation.
  • Must pass pre-employment drug screen.
  • Must pass a state and/or Tribal criminal records and background clearance, including fingerprint checks, sex offender registry check, child abuse and neglect registry check.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license.

This is a full time position

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