Our client, Capacitor Sciences (CSI) is searching for a Senior Scientist whose exceptional expertise and experience will lead them to conduct discovery projects in the field of new energy materials.  Capacitor Sciences Inc., a part of Blue Solutions (a Bolloré Group company), specializes in the research and development of new materials for next gen energy storage.

Reporting to CSI’s Film Process or Organic Chemistry leadership, the Senior Scientist is responsible for materials related research and development supporting the synthesis of new materials, nano-composite formulation, coating development of CSI materials, and film characterization.

Responsibilities/Essential Functions:
The Senior Scientist may be assigned some or all of the following responsibilities:
  • Design, propose, and present new candidate materials to molecular design committee;
  • Plan and execute organic synthesis and polymerization projects;
  • Plan and execute nano-particles surface modification and core-shell nano-particles preparation
  • Work in the organic chemistry laboratory to produce and purify organic materials, polymers and nano-particles through grams to kilograms scale reactions;
  • Analyze and interpret analytical data to elucidate the material structure and purity;
  • Independently develop and validate analytical methods to determine property and purity of CSI materials
  • Develop specialized scientific techniques to advance projects at all phases of development of CSI materials;
  • Advance research techniques, evaluate and optimize the nano-composite formulations for thin film coating;
  • Perform thin film coating, process development and film characterization in clean room; and
  • Perform thin film characterization and analysis to study the structure-property relationship of CSI films.              
All Scientists must perform the all of the following :
  • Provide expert technical support to other team members to plan and execute the material design, synthesis, nano-composite formulations, coating processes and film characterization;
  • Perform the synthesis of CSI materials, nano-composite formulations, coating processes and film characterization in lab safely by following all safety protocols;
  • Collaborate with other Scientists to maximize the performance of CSI materials;
  • Perform any other duties assigned by leadership;
  • Add the highest possible value to the organization through technical or human collaboration;
  • Participate in multidisciplinary work groups as expert or moderator;
  • Keep management informed with weekly reports or presentations;
  • Monitor and research technical/scientific developments in field of expertise;
  • And; work collaboratively with peers and Steering Committee members to encourage open communication and to fulfill the mission of the organization.

Minimum Skills and Requirements
  • Minimum Master of Science degree in organic chemistry,   or material science, or related discipline; Ph. D. is preferred
  • Minimum 5 years of related industrial experience for Master of Science degree or 3-5 years of related industrial experience for Ph. D. degree;
  • Advanced hands-on skills in modern organic, polymer and/or nano-particles synthesis;
  • Advanced hands-on skills in nano-composite development
  • Advanced hands-on analytical skills and strong scientific experience in coating material development, nano-composite formulations and film characterization;
  • Excellent communication skills as well as the ability to work collaboratively with others;
  • Evidence of the ability to practice a high level of confidentiality;
  • Advanced understanding and working knowledge of energy storage;
  • Excited to work with a diverse group of scientists and engineers to solve the very complex challenges;
  • And, demonstrated strong problem-solving ability in material design and synthesis, nano-composite formulations, coating process and film characterization.
CSI offers competitive compensation and a professionally stimulating and spacious work environment.

This is a non-management position
This is a full time position

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