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About The Christensen Fund
The Christensen Fund is a private foundation based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The organization's grantmaking strategy centers on supporting and strengthening Indigenous Peoples’ self-determination and rights to their land, territories, resources and sovereign systems of governance. This work is rooted in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), the global standard that both asserts and recognizes Indigenous worldviews and values and establishes a universal framework for the recognition of Indigenous  rights.

About the Administrative Assistant Role
The Administrative Assistant (AA) is responsible for supporting the Director of Programs (DoP) and Director of Finance and Administration (DFA), as well as their teams, in the execution of their responsibilities. The AA is responsible for administrative support, calendar management, project management, communications, and event and travel planning and facilitation.  The work of the AA will shift from day-to-day, depending on organizational needs. The role is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She/he/they will report directly to the Director of Finance and Administration.

Administrative Support
  • Support with the execution of administrative tasks as needed. Requests may include data input/extraction, report preparation/completion, etc.
  • In coordination with senior management, assist with administrative logistics such as photocopying, expense management, printing, scanning, and shipping.
  • Serve as lead organizer for staff meetings, including scheduling, managing meeting logistics, notetaking, and followup.
  • Serve as the primary point of contact with various administrative vendors.

Program and Grantmaking Support
  • Support program and grantmaking team by helping to facilitate grantmaking process, including scheduling check-ins with partners, notetaking, following up to collect necessary reports and information, and helping to summarize information related to partners.
  • Assist program and grantmaking team members with data entry and transfer projects to facilitate grantmaking for partners and to contribute toward Christensen’s shared learning space.

  • At the request of the DoP and DFA, assist with scheduling internal and external meetings.
  • Monitor and field requests and inquiries received through Christensen’s main public email and phone lines.
  • Support DoP, DFA, and their teams as needed in preparing reports, presentations, and other materials.

Travel and Event Planning and Support
  • In coordination with senior management, and in partnership with the Executive Assistant (who also serves as the board liaison), support staff with travel accommodations and event registration. Create and document travel itineraries, and assist travelers in being prepared for trips.
  • Lead planning for all-staff virtual and in-person gatherings, including all-staff retreats and board meetings that include attendees from across the country and from outside of the United States.
  • Serve as primary relationship manager with Corporate Traveler, iJet, and other travel-related vendors.

Other relevant duties to support The Christensen Fund from time to time and as other needs emerge.

Key Competencies, Skills, and Attributes
Organized systems-thinker and builder
The Administrative Assistant displays complete ownership and accountability for all of his/her/their work. The AA person must be able to establish routines and improve processes to make the processes he/she/they manages as effective and efficient as possible. The AA is a strong project manager and can anticipate challenges and address them before they become emergencies.

High expectations and attention to detail
The Administrative Assistant has high expectations for his/her/their own work and takes pride in this work and final results. The AA is meticulous in his/her/their work and displays great attention to detail, knowing that with a small team and organization there may not be additional backstops for individuals’ work. Additionally, because the AA also works directly with external partners and stakeholders, it is imperative that all interactions are highly professional and careful. The AA will also encounter confidential information in the course of his/her/their work, so discretion and confidentiality is imperative.

Technically and culturally competent
The Administrative Assistant is an excellent communicator, go-getter, and task-manager. She/he/they has strong writing skills, and has experience and/or familiarity with the Microsoft Suite (PowerPoint, Word), Google Suite (Gmail, Calendar, Drive), expense management systems (Expensify). Experience with CRM databases (such as SalesForce or other grants management platforms like Fluxx) are strongly preferred. The AA is very comfortable with learning and mastering new technological platforms and how these systems integrate across the organization. In addition to strong technical skills, the AA must demonstrate an ability to engage positively and actively with a culturally and geographically diverse staff, partners and vendors. Experience working in Native American communities is a plus.

Ability to manage complex processes with multiple stakeholders
Comprehensive process ownership and project management skills are critical. This includes ability to manage up, down, and across to ensure bottlenecks are identified and goals are met. The AA must be able to partner with colleagues to move work ahead, to help identify and troubleshoot challenges, and to ask for help when needed. The AA must be comfortable with supporting other projects across the organization in general, knowing that priorities may shift from time to time.

Communications skills
Strong written and verbal communication skills and ability to work with diverse stakeholders are important in this role. The AA must demonstrate a commitment to learning more about the organization’s work, so as to more effectively represent the organization internally and externally. The AA needs to communicate in email, in meetings, in trainings, and within written documents across a variety of contexts in order to move work forward.

Commitment to the Vision and Values of The Christensen Fund
Above all else, the AA should appreciate, respect, and demonstrate a commitment to The Christensen Fund’s values of diversity, reciprocity, resilience, solidarity, networks/collaborations/alliances, self-determination, accountability, and trust.

The Christensen Fund values a diverse workforce that is representative of the Indigenous and Native American communities we partner with. The Christensen Fund is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

This is a non-management position
This is a full time position

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