Essential Job Duties

  • Responsible for making security rounds to ensure that clients are not violating policy and/or using while in the shelter
  • Responsible for bed checks and rounds
  • Ensures that locker reports are completed per process
  • Ensures that chores are being done by chore workers and if they are not, finding a replacement worker.
  • Responsible for A/D outreach for clients struggling with addiction
  • Responsible for recording RA encounters for each client in VESTA, which includes noting information about the interaction for the case manager’s review.
  • Provide residents with toiletries and emotional support during their stay here
  • Maintain policy adherence
  • Administer NARCAN when necessary
  • Administer first aid when necessary
  • Oversee meals by ensuring that clients are getting meals, that order is kept during meal time, and that clean-up is completed.

This is a non-management position
This is a full time position

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