A mat production operator is responsible for maintaining an inventory of high quality and clean matting products for the Route Service Representatives to deliver to our customers.  In this position, teamwork, and communication with coworkers in Mat Operations and the Production Supervisor is required for the department to make and/or exceed its goals.  

$19.00 per hour

Key Performance Indicators
  1. Meet the required number of pieces per hour as determined by the Production Manager
  2. Follow the weight limits and best practices when loading soiled mats into the E-Tech system and Brim
  3. Contribute to the lean environment by offering a suggestion to improve processes at least once per quarter
  4. Contribute to a safe work environment by offering a suggestion or reporting a near miss at least once per month
  5. Report to work for all scheduled and additional shifts on time and motivated to work
  6. Model the Huebsch Company values every day

Core Functions
  • Assist with training new individuals (opportunities)
  • Communicate tagging errors or concerns to the Production Supervisor in a timely manner
  • Fill route mat orders and track shortages
  • Learn and know the sizes, types, and purpose of floor mats
  • Maintain a safe and clean work area
  • Once mats are clean, roll, band, and restock
  • Understand and know all aspects of the E-Tech system and mat operations as a whole
  • Perform quality checks of product 
  • Perform troubleshooting of machines and request maintenance staff if needed
  • Repair damaged mats with heat press
  • Track and monitor mat inventory
  • Additional tasks as assigned

  • Set the pace to make ensure the mat operations goals are achieved or exceeded daily  
  • Load and unload washers and dryers via E-Tech system or manually with Brim
  • Use correct wash formulas
  • Perform troubleshooting of machines and perform machine maintenance under the direction of maintenance staff

Soil Sort
  • Sort soiled mats by type or shortage using the E-Tech system
  • Sort out appropriate mats to be processed through the Brim washer
  • Learn and know the sizes, types, and purpose of floor mats and soil sort accordingly
  • Perform quality checks of product 

Route Building
  • Assist in other Mat Operation positions when needed  
  • Backfill in order to alleviate bottle necks
  • Learn and understand prioritization of Put-Up documents
  • Maintain a safe and clean work area
  • Additional tasks as assigned

Winning Behaviors, Competencies, and Skills

This is a mainly self-directed position within a team environment which requires high motivation and a positive attitude.  Strong organizational skills, communication with coworkers, accuracy, and attention to detail are essential to success in this fast-paced position.    

The ability to problem solve, think proactively, and work in an environment requiring continuous physical activity is required for this position. 

A basic level of understanding of math, counting, mechanics, computers, weighing, and measuring is required for this position. 

Desired Experience

Education: High school diploma or equivalent

Work Experience: Prior experience in a repetitive production environment with physically demanding requirements

Working Conditions

Work Environment: Indoors
  • Moderate high noise levels
  • Humid and hot temperatures in the summer and cool or cold temperatures in the winter

Personal Protective Equipment: Eyewear and gloves are required, hearing protection, protective clothing, and/or masks may be required

Physical Demand: High
  • Must be able to walk and/or stand for entire shift
  • Kneeling, bending, and stretching is required throughout the shift
  • Ability to lift 10 to 50 pounds frequently
  • Ability to lift 50 to 100 pounds frequently
  • Ability to move loaded garment tubs and mat carts weighing up to 500 pounds

Department: Production WI
This is a full time position

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