Basic Job Function
The Construction Manager is a critical part of the overall success of the Development team. This individual will act as quarterback, coordinating internal and external technical expertise and managing work associated with the planning, financing and building of Development projects. The Construction Manager directly coordinates and manages all aspects of construction projects as a self-performer, member of the team, and coordinator of resources through the full project life cycle.

Responsibilities include site visits, participating in the architectural design process, contract negotiation, securing and refining contractor pricing, implementing and improving procurement processes, managing all aspects of construction projects, and budget management. The Construction Manager works on many projects simultaneously, participates in departmental planning meetings, and supports the overall work of the Development team as necessary.

The Construction Manager works closely within the Development team to manage projects for and with colleagues. The Development team is a highly interactive group that communicates complex project details in real time. The Construction Manager will serve as the voice of the team in implementing successful construction work, and will provide support for the team to execute on new and highly impactful projects. The Team IFF’s Development team focuses deeply in two distinct areas- affordable, accessible housing under IFF’s Home First program, and community development, which includes schools, early childhood education and other commercial facilities projects. The Construction Manager will coordinate and direct multiple active projects in both areas, running concurrently.

Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Works closely with team leads at project concept stage to advise on delivery methods, schedule considerations, contract structures, construction types, location, building features and pricing.
  2. Partners to identify the best internal and/or external staffing composition which may include staff from IFF’s Real Estate Solutions team. Manages ongoing staffing resources throughout the project life cycle.
  3. Coordinates or directly conducts site visits of buildings for potential lease or purchase, assesses buildings and their systems for suitability for intended purpose, and provides analyses of such buildings.
  4. Coordinates or directly procures services for architects, engineers, or other professionals in connection with the design phase of projects. Ensures that such services are appropriate to project criteria, schedule and budget.
  5. Demonstrates a commitment to equity in practice which includes thoughtful strategies to exceed MBE / WBE / DBE and local hiring requirements when applicable and designs these approaches when not required by funding sources.
  6. Coordinates pre-construction work associated with projects including initial construction estimates, site due diligence and other work required for the project.
  7. During the construction phase of assigned projects, coordinates all aspects of construction management ensuring that project goals and milestones are being met.
    1. Procures bids from contractors and vendors for work on projects. Evaluates and makes recommendations on bids, terms, and hiring of vendors.
    2. Oversees permitting process and proactively addresses problems that to ensure permit is secured on schedule. c. Negotiates construction contracts and architectural contracts for projects.
    3. Reviews architectural plans, construction drawings and performance specifications for accuracy; identifies areas for cost savings that meet budgets.
    4. Understands project financing obligations as they relate to construction performance. Provides a strong leadership voice in conveying these objectives to project staff in order to manage timelines, budgets and deliveries.
    5. Manages relationships with contractor and architect during construction, tracks construction progress, attends on-site meetings, reviews change orders and makes recommendations to team leads.
    6. Leads monthly on-site pencil draw meetings with owner, architect and contractor. Works closely with development team to process construction draws.
    7. Assesses the status of projects against schedule, identifies actual or potential problems, and facilitates and guides solutions to ensure that the projects are completed as planned.
    8. Provides detailed progress reporting to team lead and staff through regular updates, site visits and meetings.
  8. Develops and improves systems and procedures for construction management within Development and trains other Development staff in these systems and procedures.
  9. Manages construction or repair work associated with the IFF’s Development portfolio, as necessary. Performs annual inspections of owned properties to review conditions and recommend any ongoing physical needs.
  10. Maintains required job knowledge and skills and core professional competencies. Attends and participates in required educational programs and staff meetings.
  11. Performs other duties as assigned.

Performance Measures:
  1. Successful completion of assigned projects according to goals set for each project, the project budget and schedule, and the Development department’s policies and procedures. Completed projects meet quality standards.
  2. Provides excellent communication to and between Development team members. Willing to provide teaching opportunities to staff.
  3. Provides strong leadership in relationships with architects, contractors and other professionals.
  4. Achieves and maintains the highest quality of work product and level of excellence for projects.
  5. Internal and external meetings are facilitated in an organized way and are meaningful to the participants. Outcomes of these meetings are analyzed and well presented.
  6. Continually seek to achieve efficiency and other improvements in all operations.
  7. Achieve and maintain a superior level of satisfaction and working relationship with all internal and external clients, partners and team members in the Development and execution of contract and project efforts.
  8. Written reports are complete, accurate and clear and follow policies and procedures.
  9. Oral presentations are clear, well organized, comprehensive and persuasive. Appropriate supporting material and visual aids are well utilized and enhance the presentation.
  10. Values and supports differences in others, contributing to an inclusive work environment. Demonstrates the ability and willingness to communicate effectively with people of diverse backgrounds and experiences to create a collaborative, collegial, and caring community.
Position Qualifications:
Education: Bachelor’s Degree required, preferably in architecture, engineering, or construction management. Advanced degree in real estate, architecture, construction management, engineering or planning a plus.

Experience: Ten years of experience in construction management, or real estate development required.

Special Knowledge & Skills:
  1. Direct construction management experience with multiple large-scale real estate development projects running concurrently.
  2. Recent experience in managing affordable housing and community facilities projects.
  3. Analytical and strategic skills; ability to plan, manage, and implement multiple projects.
  4. Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of construction practices and terminology.
  5. Demonstrated ability to read and understand architectural plans and drawings.
  6. Demonstrated knowledge of a wide variety of construction materials, products and systems.
  7. Demonstrated experience working with a collaborative team charged with implementing and completing multi-faceted projects.
  8. Ability to use a wide variety of computer software related to project management, including word processing, data programs, spreadsheets and project management packages.
  9. Ability to work with a wide variety of stakeholders throughout the region.
  10. Commitment to thoughtful community engagement and active participation.
  11. Good communication (oral and written) and interpersonal skills.
Unusual Physical Requirements: Travel is required. The Construction Manager may be required to work in Chicago and travel to any of the IFF offices to support the Development staff working in those markets. The Construction Manager will visit abandoned buildings and vacant lots and inspect them fully, and inspect construction project sites. Occasional evening and weekend work may be required.

IFF values equity, diversity and inclusion as part of its mission to strengthen nonprofits and the communities they serve. IFF is an equal opportunity employer.

This is a full time position

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