• Program Manager for Cyber Analytic Strategy and Integration (CASI) Working Group.
  • Provide multi-disciplined SME analytic tradecraft support leveraging operational analytics to achieve mission outcomes.
  • Lead vetting and normalizing analytic testing and development, and determine value and standardization for prioritization and management of analytics across CSO.
  • Develop cybersecurity capabilities to provision actionable threat intelligence information.
  • Facilitate solution discovery, document artifacts, perform decision captures, and project management responsibilities. Collaborate with CASI Working Group Voting Members, Analytics Vetting Group (AVG), Mission Management Council (MMC), and various Analytic Focus Area Leads (AFALs) to produce and update driving documentation of the working group.
  • Lead system engineering tasks that are broad in nature and concerned with CASI Working Group requirements from analysts, operators, and decision makers. 

Contract: ESEA2
This is a full time position

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