As a home care agency, Able Health Care Service is dedicated in providing top quality care to all of our clients. Currently, we are looking for individuals who are compassionate and caring to be apart of our team. Join us for a rewarding career in Health Care.

Here follows information about the position:


Position Objective:
  • Assists with staff development needs of employees and facilitate the educational programs to meet those needs.
  •  Facilitates the provision of a company-wide orientation program to encompass all levels of staff.
  • Assists Director of Nursing with compliance review.
  • Assists other branch offices with paraprofessional training, in-service and skill competencies.
Responsibilities and Duties:
  • Assists in the provision of a standardized orientation of all employees within the designated branch offices.  This orientation is related to the clinical practices of all levels of care.  Facilitates the provision of all educational material to be presented to the employee at orientation or in the field.
  • Provides training to professional and paraprofessional staff in skills and competency evaluations.
  • Participates, as assigned, in teaching and training of other healthcare staff members including, but not limited to:
  1. Orientation of staff member(s) to an individualized plan of care, inclusive to have expected goals and outcomes.
  2. Providing direction, especially as related to paraprofessional personnel in the ongoing implementation of the plan of care.
  3.  Providing ongoing education to the paraprofessional staff in the accurate and timely completion of all activity sheets
  •   Assists with the classroom teaching requirements for the HHA/PCA training curriculum insuring a comprehensive educational experience for students and high ratio of graduates.
  • Assists with the testing and grading procedures for all HHA/PCA candidates.
  •  Under the direction of the Director of Professional Standards, based on the needs projected by the Branch and the Director of Nursing, assists with pre/post employment skills and assessment activities.
  • Participates in agency’s Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement Program (QAPI) and assures participation of all appropriate staff.  Provides information that enables the collection and root cause analysis of data to identify opportunities for improvement.
  •  Facilitates communication regarding the Agency’s philosophy, Joint Commission company standards, regulations, policies and procedures to the paraprofessional employees.
  •  Assists as needed with the ongoing clinical audit functions to assure compliance with company standards and participates in interdisciplinary care conferences that effectively coordinate communication regarding patient/client problems, needs, psychosocial and spiritual concerns and implementation of an individualized, interrelated plan of care as required by the Director of Nursing.
  • The candidate for this position must be a Registered Nurse, preferably bachelor’s, prepared with licensure in New York State and acute or homecare experience with the last two years.
  • All acceptable candidates must have a minimum of three years of clinical experience in their area of specialty. 
  • Two years of their work must be in supervision/administration, preferably in a community health or home health setting.  Basic knowledge of governmental home agency regulations, Medicare/Medicaid (as required) regulations, and Company policies are required. 
  • Good organization, communication, human relation skills, and reliable transportation are required. 
  • Self-motivation, assertiveness and independent decision-making skills are essential.

Salary Range
$32,500 to $47,500


Office: Queens
This is a part time position

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