As a home care agency, Able Health Care Service is dedicated in providing top quality care to all of our clients. Currently, we are looking for individuals who are compassionate and caring to be apart of our team. Join us for a rewarding career in Health Care.

Here follows information about the position:


We are looking for a Service Coordinator to join our White Plains Office!

  • Represents Able as a front line customer service liaison between patient/clients, caregivers, and the Director of Nursing.
  • Works under the direction of the Director of Nursing to assure that the skills of the caregiver team assigned to each case are appropriately matched to the needs of the patient/clients.
  • Responsible for consistently assigning the same care team to each patient/client, thereby facilitating continuity of care, supporting the attainment of desired outcomes, and improving customer satisfaction.
  •  Schedule only the amount, frequency, and duration of services identified in the plan of care and ordered by the physician, whenever Company policy dictates that a physician’s order is required.
  •   Maintain a standardized weekly schedule for all active patient/clients and document schedule changes on the scheduling form.
  •  Validate caregiver documentation against schedules prior to payroll and appropriately to resolve differences. Create and update active patient/client and caregiver lists weekly, and more frequently, if requested.

  1. Services the needs of the patient/client.  Confers with the Director of Nursing for direction and offers the case to qualified health care staff who are available for assignment.  Maintains an active employee list of available caregivers to facilitate prompt assignment to staff to each case.  Availability is determined by assuring that caregivers meet all Company policy requirements and that they have indicated a willingness to work during time frames compatible with patient/client’s needs.
  2. Views the patient/client and family as the primary customer of all scheduling activities and focuses on meeting their needs.  The caregiver is a secondary customer of the scheduling process and the Service Coordinator keeps their qualifications and work requests in mind when identifying the most appropriate team for each case.
  3.   Follows the company approved standardized process when scheduling patient/client care and documents patient /client schedules on Able’s scheduling form.  Records and keeps current all patient/client care information requested on the top of the scheduling form.  Tracks authorizations, physician’s orders, supervisory visits, and case conferences & notifies Director of Nursing of activities that require direction.
  4.  Maintains complete and accurate patient/client schedules, including the amount, frequency and duration of services that has been identified in the plan of care.
  5.  Schedules only those visits that have been ordered by the physician, when Company policy indicates that a physician’s order is required.  Notifies the Director of Nursing when requests for scheduling changes are received that require a physician’s order, which has not yet been obtained.  Records all scheduling changes, updates, and deletions on the schedule daily.
  6.  Validates accuracy of schedule on a weekly basis and assists the payroll department in reconciling time-slip deficiencies and problems as needed.
  7.  Makes staffing changes in accordance with Company policy when those changes are requested by the patient/client or caregiver.  Contacts the patient/client and/or family to confirm satisfaction after a new caregiver makes their first visit to the patient/client.  May be directed to make random phone calls to assess customer satisfaction.  Documents all requests for changes in caregivers, logs all complaints received, and records the results of all customer satisfaction calls.
  8. Participates in agency’s Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement Program (QAPI).  Communicates information that enables collection and root cause analysis of data to identify opportunities for improvement.
  9.  Assists in implementing and managing standardized operational processes in compliance with Company direction and policies, legal requirements, and regulatory mandates.  Provides back-up support and handles other functional role responsibilities, as required, to assure that operational needs are met.
  10.  Assists in the on-call responsibilities as required.


Education and Experience
  • The candidate for this position will have a high school diploma (or equivalent) preferably Bachelor’s degree, and three years related experience in health care delivery or business.
  • Prior scheduling experience in a customer service setting is preferred and data entry or word processing experience is required. 
  • Strong leadership, human relations, communications, and problem-solving skills are requisite.
  • The ability to work under time pressures and manage multiple activities at one time are essential. 
  • Familiarity with community resources and organizations is helpful.
  • Bilingual Spanish preferred


Office: White Plains
This is a full time position

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