Primary Objective:
Serve guests in a warm, accommodating, professional manner ensuring total guest satisfaction. Responsible for assigned work station, and always present on the floor ensuring that service runs smoothly.
Areas of Accountability:
  • Accommodate guests by making each individual feel welcome, being on the floor at all times, and addressing them by name if known.
  • Be able to converse with guests about the menus and wine list in a detailed and professional manner.
  • Be aware of service flow, dining time, and guest’s needs and adjust to each individual.
  • Anticipate the needs of the guest and exceed their expectations.
  • Supervise specific section ensuring that guests are satisfied.
  • Act professional and accommodating and always maintain composure.
  • Identify and report problems to management immediately.
  • Have comprehensive knowledge of all menus, ingredients, taste, appearance, and food preparation.
  • Have a detailed knowledge of the origin and taste.
  • Be familiar with cheeses – make recommendations and give descriptions.
  • Always make food recommendations that ease kitchen flow.
  • Be able to up sell items.
  • Communicate the daily specials, recommendations, and 86’d items before the guest asks.
  • Include position numbers, course lines, number of guests, special orders/requests when ordering on POS system.
  • Perform/monitor table side service of all kind.
  • Know the beverage menu: production technique, origin, taste.
  • Know the customer and be able to up sell and recommend wines.
  • Be able to pair wine and food.
  • Master the sequence of service.
  • Control all aspects of the service flow.
  • Adjust timing to meet the needs of the guests.
  • Adjust timing if you need to turn a table, without rushing the guests.
  • Take order politely and accurately.
  • Open and serve wine according to procedure.
  • Be familiar with proper silverware and glassware for specific items.
  • Take the food order and the dessert order.
  • Make recommendations when necessary.
  • Fire dishes to kitchen at correct times.
  • Deliver dishes to correct position numbers.
  • Announce the food as it arrives to the table (amuse-bouche, courses sent out by the chef).
  • Be aware of everything in your station (i.e., guest drops silverware).
  • Make sure busser properly “marks” table before each course.
  • Do not clear dishes until you are certain that every guest is finished.
  • Clean and maintain work area at all times.
  • Be fluent in use of POS system.
  • Communicate with bussers, supervisors and other wait staff in your station.
  • Assist other stations, if requested and use assistance from another server when needed.
  • Ensure that POS has a working ribbon and enough paper.
  • Perform side work duties.
  • Adhere to accounting procedures for all transactions, ensuring that the guest check is accurate.
  • Adhere to restaurant’s grooming, uniform and hygiene standards.
  • Attend staff meetings when scheduled.
  • Adhere to work schedule and call-in policy.
  • Maintain an organized and clean side stations.
  • Have a general knowledge of the restaurant and the management team, outlets hours and its reservation policies.
  • Keeps supervisor fully informed of all problems or matters of significance.
  • Performs all duties and responsibilities in a timely and efficient manner in accordance with established company policies and procedures to achieve the overall objectives of this position.
  • Maintains a favorable working relationship with all other company employees to foster and promote a cooperative and harmonious working environment.
  • Adheres to company policies and procedures.
    • Attends work as scheduled.
    • Follows hotel’s dress and grooming standards.
    • Minimizes safety hazards by following all safety rules and procedures.
  • At all times, projects a favorable image of Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel to the public.
Physical Requirements:
  • Pushing/Pulling: Average weight 60lbs constantly
  • Lifting/Carrying: Average weight 60lbs constantly
  • Standing/Walking: Constantly. Standing/walking the majority of scheduled shift
  • Kneeling/Crawling: Occasionally. Completing tasks throughout the hotel
  • Reaching: Constantly


Department: Restaurant
This is a full time position

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