As an AM/PM Restaurant Manager, you will lead the service components of the Food and Beverage operations in accordance with company standards to ensure 100% guest satisfaction while delivering a personalized experience.  In addition to service operations, you will assist in day to day administrative tasks pertaining to the operations of the department.


  1. Have complete knowledge and understanding of the Auberge Resorts Collection Foundations and Service Standards.

  2. Be able to provide a warm, genuine and comfortable experience for all guests in our restaurants and hotel.

  3. Maintain complete knowledge, comply with and lead the F&B Team in all departmental policies, service procedures and standards.

  4. Maintain positive guest relations at all times.

  5. Resolve guest complaints, ensuring guest satisfaction.

  6. Be familiar with all hotel services/features and local attractions/activities to respond to guest inquiries accurately.

  7. Maintain complete knowledge of:

    1. Scheduled daily activities and in-house groups.

    2. Daily house count.

    3. Hours of operation of each outlet, ambiance, menu selections and price range.

    4. Menu items, features, 86’d items, alcoholic offerings, and non-alcoholic offerings available in the restaurant.

    5. Table, seat and station numbers, proper table setups, room capacity and dress code of restaurant.

  8. Be fully knowledgeable about daily hotel and restaurant bookings as well as all guest notes and preferences.  Utilize guest notes to provide personalized experiences for all guests.

  9. Liaise with all departments to ensure clear and concise communication on all reports, functions and guest notes for the day.

  10. Ensure completion of all service shift opening duties.

  11. Ensure set up of all dining outlets, common spaces and function spaces for the day.

  12. Prepare station chart and assign stations to staff following departmental procedures.

  13. Inspect the restaurant environment and entrance area ensuring that all standards are met, rectify any deficiencies and maintain cleanliness at all times.

  14. Inspect tables and stations ensuring that all set up meets the departmental standards, check throughout meal period and report any deficiencies.

  15. Guide the Servers and Back Waiters in the table set up needs to ensure optimum service to guests.

  16. Answer telephone courteously and efficiently in accordance with hotel standards.

  17. Accurately take, record, and confirm restaurant reservations/cancellations according to hotel standards.

  18. Greet and acknowledge all arriving guests, however busy and whatever time of day.

  19. Accommodate all requests for information courteously and follow through on them to ensure completion.

  20. Communicate V.I.P. arrivals and special requests to designated personnel for follow up.

  21. Monitor and ensure that all aspects of service conform to departmental standards.  Notify respective personnel for problems to be corrected.

  22. Extend courteous departures as guests leave the restaurant and invite them back to return.

  23. Handle any guest incidents ensuring 100% guest satisfaction.  Record and distribute all GIR reports following up on any incidents.

  24. Ensure completion of all service shift closing duties.

     25. Ensure all dining outlets, common spaces and function spaces are reset at the end of each shift.



  1. Good knowledge of both verbal and written English.

  2. Provide legible communication and directions.

  3. Compute basic arithmetic.

  4. Ability to:

    1. Focus attention on guests needs, remaining calm and courteous.

    2. Promote positive relations with all individuals who approach the restaurant and by telephone.

    3. Think clearly, quickly, maintain concentration and make concise decisions in pressure situations.

    4. Focus attention on details.

    5. Suggestively sell selected food and beverage items.

    6. Maintain confidentiality of guest information and hotel data.

    7. Provide clear, pleasant telephone communication with proper grammar.

    8. Perform job functions with minimal supervision.

    9. Work cohesively with co-workers as part of a team.

    10. Follow directions thoroughly.

    11. Understand guest service needs.

    12. Prioritize, organize and follow up.


Department: Food & Beverage Front of House
This is a management position
This is a full time position

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