Performs contract reviews to determine purchasing issues and needs. Make requests for quotations for materials and services. Develops and distributes request for quote packages (RFQ). Determines method of procurement such as direct purchase or bid.
Negotiates supplier pricing, terms and delivery. Initiate programs such as consignment, discounts and rebates. Assists management in strategic buying.
Utilizes E10 system to create new parts, review material requirements, order material, draft and maintain reports and procurement records, ensure updated pricing and tract inventory levels. Works closely with machine operators on material shortages and expediting parts. Reviews and approves requisitions.
Prepares and issues purchase orders and change notices. Works with vendors to find cost-effective ways to maintain these levels and staying within the budget. 
Maintains stock levels for raw materials and arranges for disposal of surplus material.
Discusses defective or unacceptable goods or services with quality assurance personnel, operators and suppliers to determine source of problem and take the right corrective action. Initiates documentation for return of goods and resolves subsequent credit/debit issues. Follows up with Return to vendor notices and arranges for credit for non-conforming materials.
Confers with vendors to obtain product or service information such as price, availability and delivery schedule.
Maintains stock levels for assigned components, machine consumables, paint, etc. Verifies that parts are delivered to proper bins or locations. Performs cycle counts.
Expedites delivery of subcontracted goods. Responsible for all quoting, procuring, arranging delivery and pick-up, and dealing with non-conforming parts.
Reviews invoicing to ensure correct pricing.
Coordinates special freight projects including quoting freight cost and working with contacts at shipping and destination points to ensure freight is moved on time.
Works within established weekly budget that fluctuates with monthly sales. Track daily spend between two facilities to ensure budget compliance is attained.
Responsible for training and development of the Purchasing Assistant. 
Other duties as assigned.

This is a management position
This is a full time position

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