The Partnership is seeking a highly effective urban instructional leader to drive change and dramatically improve the academic culture and student achievement at Florence Griffith Joyner. The selected candidate will have a proven track record of increasing and accelerating student achievement as evidenced by performance data, and will be prepared to lead the students, staff, and community toward dramatic academic improvement and success. The selected candidate will be a culture builder and true teammate who partners with others in order to deliver an excellent education to all of our students.
The successful candidate will be expected to support the key instructional initiatives that focus on Teacher Development and implementation of the Common Core State Standards. Elementary instruction at Florence Griffith Joyner Elementary includes implementation of CKLA and Benchmark for literacy instruction and Eureka Math. In addition, Florence Griffith Joyner has an Arts Magnet on campus and integrates the arts into all instructional areas.
Reporting to the school principal, the successful candidate will be a committed and entrepreneurial school leader who is excited by the challenge of turning around a struggling school and making a real difference in the lives of low-income Latino and African American students. S/he will have previously worked in similar schools and will be prepared to accept the complexities and challenges of working with all stakeholders to understand and educate students from this community.  


The Assistant Principal will be responsible for assisting the principal in the following key areas:
  1. Shared Vision
  2. Supervision of Instruction
  3. Investing in Teacher Quality 
  4. Culture of Learning and Positive Behavior
  5. Family and Community Engagement
  6. Systems and Operations


The ideal candidate will demonstrate the following qualities and qualifications:

  • Evidence of experience leading students and adults to increasingly high levels of student academic achievement
  • Inspiring leader, able to quickly build trust and strong working relationships with students, teachers, classified staff, parents and other community members
  • A true team player and culture builder; will bring optimism and partnership to the school community
  • Passion for improving education and dramatically increasing achievement and life outcomes for low-income students of color; a belief that all students can reach high levels of achievement with support from adults
  • Knowledge of research-based best practices in the field of education pedagogy, including common core curriculum design, professional development and assessments
  • Strong ability to understand and implement instructional practices that accelerate student achievement for elementary students; understanding of child development and appropriate instructional choices for all grade levels
  • Experience with CKLA literacy program desired
  • Experience with Benchmark literacy program desired
  • Experience with Eureka Math desired
  • Well-developed understanding of the Teaching & Learning Framework as the common language for teacher development; ability to provide thoughtful and effective feedback to teachers through an observation cycle
  • Certified as an observer with LAUSD desired; experience supervising and evaluating certificated and classified staff desired
  • Prior experience as a program coordinator and/or instructional coach at the elementary level
  • Ability to model an open and honest dialogue with all stakeholders; someone who is able to have difficult conversations in order to create the best working environment for students and other adults
  • Experience working with students with challenging behaviors
  • Strong understanding of Restorative Justice desired
  • Strong understanding of second language acquisition and strategies, ELL compliance
  • Reflective, someone who is self-aware and open to new ideas and opinions
  • Ability to plan and conduct professional development for large and small groups
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills and advanced computer literacy
  • Excellent human relations/customer service skills
  • Spanish fluency desired

REQUIRED EXPERIENCE (In a public school setting):

All minimum requirements must be met on or before the filing deadline.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that documentation of minimum requirements is on file with the LAUSD HR Administrative Selection Unit.  If questions about submitting documentation, please call (213) 241 6886.

Minimum   Requirements include:
  • A valid California Administrative Services Credential
  • A valid California teaching credential requiring a bachelor's degree and a program of professional preparation, including student teaching
  • Five years of successful full-time public school certificated service
  • Three years of experience as a teacher in a K-12 public school program
  • Two years of experience at an elementary school
  • One year in an non-classroom leadership position, such as, instructional coach or coordinator
  • Master’s degree from an accredited college or university
  • Multicultural coursework (candidates have one year to complete)
  • District Master Plan requirements (candidates have one year to complete)
For all school based administrative positions, it is preferred that candidates be in the appropriate LAUSD eligible pool for the position or that they are currently serving in the class for which they are applying. In order to be placed in the eligible pool, candidates must successfully complete the appropriate LAUSD Aspiring Administrator Program. Qualified applicants not in an eligible pool from within or outside LAUSD may be considered if fewer than five applicants from the eligible pool apply for the position.


38G – B Basis ($85,990 - $107,040) – 221 paid days

  • For an annualized employee who is changing basis during the year, this change may result in an annualized “settlement” (i.e., the process by which the District resolves an under or overpayment)
  • Selected individual may be subject to displacement due to budget limitations
  • For employees who change basis during the school year, this basis change may prevent them from earning a full year of service credit
Employees who have been issued a below standard Performance Evaluation, or Notice of Unsatisfactory Act(s) and/or Suspension shall be ineligible for application to any promotion process for one calendar year following the issuance of such a Notice.


Department: School Site Positions (will be employees of LAUSD)
This is a management position
This is a full time position

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