The Partnership for Los Angeles Schools’ Manager of Finance & Business Affairs (Manager of F&BA) is primarily responsible for building the relationships and culture necessary to scale the internal financial operations of the Partnership, with many cross-functional and stakeholder-facing touchpoints. In the most recently audited fiscal year, the Partnership earned $14.5M in revenue, booked $12.3M in expenses, issued 127 W-2s and 360 1099s, and held net assets of $38.8M.  The Manager of F&BA manages and/or executes all processes related to finance, payroll, business affairs, and human resources, interfaces with both internal and external parties, and provides guidance to other staff for contracts, legal concerns, human resources, administrative procedures, and other functions related to the Partnership’s operations and the needs of stakeholders. Guided by the Partnership’s mission, the Manager of F&BA continuously improves existing policies and procedures; serves as a hub of information, counsel, and direction; and executes a myriad of transactions with the highest integrity (i.e. OMB Circulars, GAAP, FASB, HIPAA, ACA, 501(c)(3), etc. compliance). This person will report to the Senior Director of Finance and Business Affairs (Sr. Director of F&BA).

The Manager of F&BA’s key duties and responsibilities include the following areas:
  • Finance & Accounting (60%)
    • Support the organization to maximize efficiency of financing the organization’s activities, escalating issues to Sr. Director of F&BA as needed
    • Support the Sr. Director of F&BA in management of the Partnership’s finances, including budget development, research and data analysis necessary for grant and compliance reporting, monthly and annual financial statements and reports, providing support for the annual audit and tax return, and ensuring continued financial health of the organization
    • Manage day to day operations such as accounts receivable, payroll time reporting, etc.
    • Manage several balance sheet items such as the fixed asset ledger and inventory
    • In coordination with stakeholders, build processes and procedures to accommodate shifts in finance, budgeting, and payroll, and roll out to home office and school site staff with continual training and support
    • Provide internal monitoring of organizations that receive funding as pass through dollars from the partnership
    • Manage and/or execute all processes involving confidential information including payroll, retirement account testing, fielding compliance requests (e.g. EDD, Franchise Tax Board), etc.
    • Oversee and manage external relationships with brokers and vendors, including insurance brokers
    • Ensure the Finance & Business Affairs perspective is presented in various meetings, identifying opportunities to streamline, pointing out inefficiencies, etc.
    • Support multi-party financial transactions across the network through their respective discretionary accounts
    • Submit Tax forms as needed
    • Review and maintain the inventory/ fixed asset ledger
    • Create and deliver training annually and as needed
    • Provide support for grant and funder reporting submissions
  • Human Resources (20%)
    • On/offboarding, maintaining compensation and time reporting records, and compliance
      (e.g. 403(b) testing)
    • Ensure compliance with confidentiality and document retention policies
    • Serve as in-house expert for compliance issues (e.g. 1099 v. W-2)
  • Business Affairs (15%)
    • Ensure the organizations remains in legal, compliant good standing with all pertinent agencies (e.g. IRS, EDD, Department of Labor, CA Education Code, MOU with LAUSD, etc.)
    • Manage all vendor relationships and performance for home office services from request for proposals to closeout
    • Provide historical input and recommendations to guide MOU and contract creation, development, and execution, with continuing work streams pursuant to reporting, billing, etc. of the same
    • Create cross-functional systems when appropriate
  • Administrative Procedures (5%)
    • Ensure regulatory filings are completed and submitted
    • Compliance with appropriate federal and state law (e.g. FLSA, minimum wage increases, etc.)
    • Create and monitor the Admin policy & procedures document

Minimally qualified applicants:
  • have a Bachelor’s degree (required, MBA/MA preferred);
  • can demonstrate 5+ years of professional experience with:
      • finance and fund accounting (CA 501(c)(3) preferred) for an organization with a $10M+/year budget;
      • federal and/or public agency grant reporting;
      • HR processes and procedures, including implementing recent ACA requirements;
      • operations and contracts
      • MS Office Suite required, and Paycom,, and Xero (preferred).
  • are passionate about the Partnership’s mission;
  • are intellectually curious and open to cage-busting, with good judgment;
  • have a strong sense of integrity and discretion;
  • have strong interpersonal and collaboration skills with a wide variety of people;
  • communicate effectively;
  • enjoy the challenge of working through the constantly morphing puzzle of balancing a large scope of work, competing priorities, and timelines;
  • approach work with a growth mindset, seeking opportunities to thrive and grow in a results-oriented environment; and
  • can quickly analyze the relationship between the big ideas and the minute details
  • Proficient in Spanish preferred

The Partnership has recently completed a thorough study of market-competitive salaries, and has applied the learning from that study to salary offers for all home office positions. Our goal is to ensure that pay is fair for all staff members, both considering the market and considering pay equity among staff in similar roles in the organization. The Partnership offers a robust benefits package including employer-paid health, dental, and vision insurance and a 403(b) retirement program. This is a full time, year-round position.

Department: Operations
This is a non-management position
This is a full time position

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