American Patrols, Inc. Is looking for high-achieving, low-time pilots to join our team. This is an amazing opportunity to fly with us while operating a LiDAR sensor from the right seat. Start with us here, prove yourself, and you will be on the track to become one of our line pilots with an opportunity to get 1,500 hours of flight time within 18 months of your start date.

Requirements of this position include:
  • Have at least 200 hours of flight time
  • Have a commercial FAA License
  • Detail oriented
  • Professional
  • Technology-proficient
  • Weighing 200lbs or less
  • Ability to travel for deployments as necessary
Duties in this position include:
  • Pre-flight and safely operate our aircraft in accordance with all applicable regulations
  • Provide aerial inspections of various production and pipeline sites
  • Operate computer terminal that controls a LiDAR sensor
  • Refuel and "bed-down" aircraft after completing flights
  • Professional communication with our client & Operations team throughout the day
  • Execute post-flight paperwork & correspondence with detailed precision
Apply today and get your aviation career started on an accelerated path!


This is a non-management position
This is a full time position

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