The primary responsibility of the Quality Inspector is to verify all processes are working correctly through periodic inspections of product shipping to the customer.  If issues are detected in periodic inspections it is the duty of the Quality Inspector to notify Quality, Production and Engineering.  It is also the duty of the Quality Inspector to drive containment actions to ensure that the quality and integrity of the product shipping to our customers is maintained. 

  INSPECTIONS: Complete all First Off inspections and periodic inspections at intervals defined by the Control Plan/work instructions for production, service and pass-through products. 
 Production= Parts sent to customer assembly plants (Including new launch) 
 Service= Parts sent to customer warehouses for dealership/replacement orders.   
 Pass-through: Parts which are manufactured by a sub-supplier, stored in our warehouse and then shipped to a customer for Production & Service) 
 NON-CONFORMING MATERIAL: Responsible for identifying, labeling, and isolating non-conforming material per the nonconforming material process.
  LABELING: Verify correct part label/finished goods label for every finished goods tote, rack or box shipping to the customer for production, service & pass-through. 
 CONTAINMENT ACTIVITIES: Organize/Oversee sorts related to customer or internal concerns.  Train all personnel performing a sort, collect all sort data and provide feedback to Quality, Production and Engineering on sort findings. 
 QUALITY ALERTS: Train all Manufacturing operators and Supervisors (all affected personnel) on Quality Alerts.  Provide completed training documents to the responsible Quality Engineer.  Ensure the intent of the Quality Alert is understood and verify required actions are in place. Work with Quality Engineers for clarification of requirements where needed. Ensure all Quality Alerts are up to date, current and posted at the point of use. 
 DETERMINE ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA:  The Quality Inspector should consult with the Production Supervisor, Quality Engineer and Process Technician as appropriate to make a decision to accept/reject product.

In the absence of the Quality Engineer, the Quality Inspector has the authority to determine the acceptability of a part based on the documented requirements for the program, visual aids and knowledge of part history.

Department: Manufacturing
This is a non-management position
This is a full time position

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