Established in Los Angeles in 2011 with locations nation-wide, RatPac Controls designs, manufactures, sells, and rents power and data distribution equipment for lighting in the Motion Picture, Television, and Broadcast Media industries. Our product developments are focused on making the jobs of lighting and rigging easier and more efficient. Our products have been used on major motion picture and television shows around the world for over a decade. These product portfolios include whisper-quiet dimming solutions for all varieties of HMI, LED, and tungsten lights. We also lead the way in wireless lighting controls systems, designing and manufacturing transmitters and receivers compatible with all varieties of lighting fixtures commonly used on production sets.
 Ratpac Controls seeks a Field Application Engineer to work with our creative and dynamic team

Basic Qualifications:
  • At least 10 years as a member in good standing with union local 728
  • 2 years or more in local 728 leadership role, e.g., Best Boy, Gaffer, Fixtures foreman, etc.
  • The candidate must have a valid CA driver’s license and clean driving record, be able to lift and load 75lbs. and be comfortable with using all types of hand tools and meters associated with working as a technician in film and TV work.
  • Computer skills are essential, and the candidate must be comfortable in using MS Word and Excel to create documents and spreadsheets.
  • Strong communication skills are essential to articulate the product’s technology features and interface with the Chief Innovation Officer.
  • The ambassador must be a self-starter who is passionate about being engaged in the process of taking great products and ideas from concept to completion. 
  • The Ambassador must have a strong network to establish meeting, presentations, and demos to their community.

  • Travel is an essential part of the position, and the candidate must be able to travel and be away from home for up to two weeks continuously. 
  • From time to time the candidate will need to respond to an urgent issue and be able to travel with less than 24 hours’ notice.

Specific Skills:
  • Managing data on a production set can be complex and the candidate must exhibit a strong understanding of the following: DMX networking in a film/TV setting, rigging power and dimming systems and data networking as used in film and TV stage work.
  • The ideal candidate will be familiar with trouble shooting complex networking in situations where nodes, opto-splitter and Ethernet switches are deployed.
  • As a Field Tech Engineer for RatPac the candidate will assist crew members, rental house staff, studio staff, etc., in understanding the RatPac product line and be able to explain the details of each product.
  • Detailed meeting notes are paramount to the success of this position.  The ideal candidate will be able to interface with all departments including sales and rentals to convey their notes.
  • While engineering skills are not required the ideal candidate will be able to communicate complex concepts and new ideas to sales and rentals. 
  • The candidate agrees that all Intellectual Property connected to RatPac is owned by RatPac

  • Trade shows are an important part of the company’s marketing campaign, and the candidate will participate in set up of trade show booths and be able to participate in the trade show.
  • The Field Applications Engineer will review product literature and media ads to make sure information distributed by the company is in sync with findings in the field.
  • The candidate will work with the marketing team to promote the company through their own social media.

Team Skills:
  • The candidate will work with customers to understand issues with the RatPac products and report those issues to Nick Stabile/Sales.
  • RatPac is a company focused on the future and places great value in developing solutions and more efficient ways of working and as such is looking for someone who’s observations, ideas and vision for products are a benefit to the company and the community the company serves.
  • The ideal candidate will work with the Chief Innovation Officer and related team to move new products to the field for testing and validation.
  • A portion of the candidate’s role will involve quick turn demo units for the purpose of validating form, function, user interface, and overall value to the customer. The ideal candidate will function as the voice of the customer to the product development team.

Things Harder to Define:

RatPac exists to find and solve problems and inefficiencies in the Film and TV world.  The ability and passion to create solutions that work not just to solve an immediate issue but to also see the issue as an opportunity to create a bigger solution for the future is difficult to teach and the ideal candidate must be able to translate his/her observations into recommendations that the CIO and sales can use to better serve the film/TV community.

The Company:

RatPac values the culture it has built and prides itself in working to advance people into positions that challenge their ability and raise them up to the highest possible position in the company.  RatPac is a community built of authenticity and truth believing that being an industry leader is a privilege that requires transparency and humility.  We believe that the ideal candidate will find a place where his/her opinion matters and has a vital role in the constant work of improvement to be the best we can be in our role.
 Rat Pac Dimmers LLC is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or protected Veteran status.

This is a non-management position
This is a full time position

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